About me

Lets see.... where should I start?

Maybe with my name... It is Savanna.

What shall I say next?

Why don't I start with when I became Mrs. Bennett....
This was the best day of my life.   I am so lucky that Jeremy wanted to marry me.   

Almost 9 years of marriage and I am still crazy about this man.

For 3 years it was just us and our fur babies.  We never had any plans to have kids of our own.

But then things happened and plans change.  God showed us He has a better plan for our life.  
We welcomed Bristol Rose into our world in September of 2009.  She was a Daddy's girl from day one.  Actually she even preferred Daddy when she was in the womb.  A lot of the times I refer to her as Fuss or Fussy Girl.

She loves turtles, helping daddy in the garage, her grandparents, and taking toys from her brother.  Plus she has wild crazy uncontrollable hair.

Till this day she still prefers her Daddy and requests that he tuck her into bed every night.

16 short months later we welcomed Eldon Jeremy into our growing family.  And he knows exactly how to get everything he wants from his mommy.  

This kid, he is our little ham.  He loves to get a smile out of you.  Right now he is obsessed with monster trucks, farm equipment, and Dusty Crophopper.  His mission in life is to invade his big sissy's space.    He gets the nickname Duder.

I love his smile.  He gives the biggest, tightest hugs in the world.

Since things are not already crazy, we thought it would be fun to add another one to our family.
 Brighton Ann joined us in July.   She is our fighter. 

This girl challenges us like no other but she also makes us smile and laugh just as regularly.  She is a feisty little thing.  Knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it.  She may be #3 but she is the ruler of the family.   Most days she gets stuck with the name Stinky, occasionally I still call her my Little Miss.  Her motto in life is-- Mommy is an accessory, to be worn at all times.  

I really write about a bunch of randomness here.   I never have a set schedule and I post when the mood strikes.  I started writing this blog when we lived in Colorado, far away from all of our family in California, but  now that we are back I have kept it up because it's my therapy.   

I am passionate about my faith, my marriage, and my kids.  I am always cleaning my house, although if you stopped by right now you would never be able to tell.  I love to run but hate getting up at 5 a.m. to do it, I enjoy cleaning eating but will occasionally indulge in a little deep fried goodness.  I sew, read way to much, suck at grammar, and schedule our lives down to the minute.   

Welcome to my little corner of the world! 

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