Sunday, December 6, 2015

Eight Months

Proof that she did have green eyes at some point, past experience has taught me that they will soon be brown just like the 3 before her.  

Daddy, are you watching?
Daddy, want to see a trick?
How dare you not catch me fast enough!   (no babies were actually harmed in the taking of these pictures.)

Can I give you two guesses on who dressed Miss Sutter in these pictures?

Sweet Sutter Grace, 
You are eeirly quiet most of the time but when you get mad at us, you scream.  You scream so loud that even you wince because you hurt your own ears.   You also put your whole body into it.  It would be cute if we all weren't racing to cover our ears.    Mama is your only word.  Daddy says that I finally got my mommy's girl, it only took 4 tries.    Your eyes smile.   It is one of my favorite things.   Your favorite place to hang out is in your brother and sister's room.   You are the human lego detector.   You usually get to stay up a few minutes past everyone else's bed time to flirt and snuggle.   Bananas are your favorite food and if someone dares eat one without sharing giving you the whole thing, you punish their ear drums.    Standing is you current favorite thing to do followed closely by pushing the walking toy all over the living room.  


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