Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Six months

Sutter Grace,
6 months.  How?  It doesn't seem fair.   With the big 3 those first 6 months were a hard adjustment period, I enjoyed the newborn phase but I gladly welcomed the next stage.  With you, I miss your newborn days.  You meshed so well from day one.  I am enjoying this mobile phase but it came to quickly this time.    This month you mastered rolling everywhere and sitting on your own.  Right now you are working hard at crawling and learning to get into a sitting potion on your own.  You love the dogs and I frequently find you laying on Blondie.  Food.  Yeah, you got to start 2 weeks early when you stole a Cafe Rio chip out of my hand and proceeded to eat it.   If the big 3 get food before you, you let us know just how unacceptable that is.   Bristol and Eldon discovered this month that they can pick you up and walk around with you much to my dismay but it does come in hand occasionally.   You little girl, are loved.

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