Thursday, September 24, 2015

5 months

Sweet Sutter Grace,
You are still such an amazing little kiddo.   No one is loved more than you.   We are very blessed to have you.


Friday, September 4, 2015

Birthday, Book Club, and Podcast

I really need to join or start a book club.  I have a minor obsession with reading.
My book club would need to include wine and chocolate, no attitudes, and good books.  Opinions are welcome only if you can see the value of others opinions as well. Something I totally struggle with but with God's help, I am working on.  If I were to start a book club I think I would want to read For the Love first, just so I could have someone to discuss it with.   I really want to know what other people truly though of it.  Anyone want to join me?

Right now I am trying to find a really good quick reference book for homeopathy that both educates and gives you remedies.

My husband tells me that my book reading obsession is going to turn into a book writing obsession one of these days.  I personally don't see this happening but with God in charge anything is possible.

My birthday yesterday was amazing.  Wonderful.  So much needed.   Jeremy surprised me by taking the day off work to take over for me.  He did everything including homeschooling. I needed this so much.  It was nice to have no have-to-do's on my list only like-to-do's.   I relaxed.  I finished up homework.  I didn't parent.  It was awesome.   And the best part of all, everything got done.  I don't have to play catch up today because he took care of everything including the laundry that had been sitting in baskets all week.  Bonus, I even got to drink my morning coffee while it was still hot, I can't say the same thing about today.

We are finishing up our first week of homeschooling and it is going better than I thought it would of course these first few weeks are just review, not a whole lot of new material being introduced.   On Tuesday I talked about the curriculum we chose this year.  I am still looks for a numbers/math curriculum for Eldon but for now I am printing out worksheets each day for him.

That's it this week.  Oh wait I just started listening too The Life-Changing Magic of Tiding Up, so far it isn't my thing but I am trying to finish it up.

Also podcasts, I recently found Homeschooling in Real Life, it is awesome.  Even if you don't homeschool it's an excellent podcast that talks about raising your children with grace and the gospel not fear and a list of rule.  You should totally check it out.

This is the for reals end of this post.  Have a wonderful Labor day weekend.  

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Curriculum 2015-2016

As I said before last year we used Abeka Video for our homeschooling part of the year.  It was perfect.  Bristol still got to have a "teacher" and all I had to do was make sure she was paying attention and had the right worksheet to do.   It was the best fit for our family at the time.   And a really good option if you want to dip your toes into homeschooling.

This year I decided to dive full force into picking our curriculum.  It started with wanting something different for bible and it ended up with me picking and choosing everything.  I read so many reviews. Asked a lot of people questions.  Not because I wanted them to do it for me but because I was curious how they liked it.  Curriculum is expensive and while I am not opposed to switching mid year if something isn't working for us, I want to make an informed choice.

I am leaning more towards a classical model for our education but ended up somewhere on the eclectic side.

Bible- We are kicking off the year with GrapeVine Studies.   We started with level one Creation to Resurrection.  The kids liked day 1 of drawing your way through the bible.

Language Arts-  I was really happy with the language arts portion of Bristol's schooling last year so I decided to go with the whole if it ain't broke, don't fix it method.  We stuck with Abeka this year.  My biggest complaint so far is that it isn't laid out very fluidly.  There are so many books.

Science- We are using Abeka for this as well.

History-  I am ridiculously excited about our history curriculum.  We are doing The Mystery of History Volume 1.   It is a chronological study broken up over 4 volumes.  Every 4 years we will repeat the volumes and somewhere we will do a year of US history.

Art-  Artistic Pursuits.  Bristol is really interested in art.   This year I wanted to get her into actual art not just crafts.  We are doing book 1 in the k-3 series.  It weaves art history in with art projects.

Math-  I had a really hard time picking a math curriculum.  To me math is something you do.  Basic math is something you use every day.   I wanted her to really know math and all the facts that go with it because yes, math is facts.  Originally I was looking at Math U See and Saxton but they are both spiral programs and I wanted a mastery program.  A video that explains the difference.  We ended up ordering Rod and Staff.  This is a no frills math curriculum which appeals to me.  I plan to add to it if needed.  

For Eldon he will use the same bible, history, art, science as Bristol.  For language arts I am using  The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading.  We are slowing going through it.  He has been interested in learning to read for a while so I decided to dive in with him.  Let me remind you this is the kid who at 22 months decided he was done with diapers and potty trained himself.

I got at least 50% of our stuff used which was really nice.  I plan to continue to max out our library cards through the school year to supplement our reading.  

I should also say that I plan to supplement with trips to museums and learning centers. I think it is really important that we take field trips.

What are you using?  Do you have a math curriculum you love?
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