Thursday, August 27, 2015

Why we chose to homeschool

Lets talk homeschool.

I had a whole post typed up and saved on March 28th.  All I needed to do was it edit.  Then Bam! After 6 days of extra baking, Sutter Grace made hear appearance and that little post got pushed to the side.  Last week I went to edit it and some how deleted the whole thing.  I was not happy to say the least.   But anyways here it goes, we will see how long it takes to publish this.

March of 2014 we were trying to get pregnant again, Brighton wasn't the easiest baby in the world, and Fuss' kindergarten registration deadline was quickly coming.   I had always planned on homeschooling my kids but I was maxed out and didn't think I could add homeschooling, so we looked for an alternative and settled on the local charter school.   The fact that it wasn't a Christ based education environment bothered me more than I can say but like I already stated I was super overwhelmed and didn't know how to do add something else.  Another thing, where would I homeschool?  I had gotten it in my head that I needed a homeschool room (one too many blog posts read).  

So we did the charter school thing.  She started in August and by September I wasn't overly happy with it.  I felt there was way too much screen time going on in school and not enough actual learning.  Plus there was like 2 hours of homework each night which seemed ridiculous to me.   But Fuss was enjoying it and I decided to at least stick it out for the full year and then reevaluate at the end of the year but we were pretty sure that homeschooling would be our plan.   '

November rolled around and we started noticing a lot of behavioral problems.   The few hours a day she was home, I was constantly disciplining her.   She knew better than to act out at school so she did it at home.   Jeremy and I talked and decided one of us needed to volunteer in her class to see what was going on.    After spending a day at school with her, I realized that this was no longer a good fit.  We decided not to send her back after Christmas break.  Well then Jeremy got laid off and there was no way we could shell out the money for curriculum right at that moment but the first thing we did when he got his job back at the end of January was order curriculum.

Last year, I was still maxed out.  I couldn't plan or be in charge of teaching Fuss.   So we used Abeka Video for her and I loved it.  She loved it.   It was the best fit for our family.  All I had to do was make sure she knew which worksheet she was supposed to be doing and grade it.   This year I had planned to do the same thing for 1st grade but the closer we got too the start of the school year the more I realized I wanted to change things up yet again.

I had been reading about the classical education model and knew that it was more what I wanted for our family.  I love the focus on grammar during wait for it, the grammar phase.  Something I seriously suck at.   But another thing that really resonated with me, the lack of technology dependence.   I know this is not for everyone but I don't feel that my 6 year old needs to use a computer for the majority of her schooling.   Computers open up a whole world I don't want her exposed too.  Porn.   Read the statistics.  They are not pretty and anything I can do to delay the exposure for as long as possible, I am going to do.   I also don't want to make her dependent on a technology that is going to be out dated in 10-20 years.  Hello typewriter.   When it is time for her to start using the computer, I will gladly welcome it in.  I love computers but I don't want it to be a main focus right now.   I would much rather equip her in learning how to learn, that way when something new is thrown at her she can tackle it.

Do I think homeschooling my kids will save them?  No.  I know I can't decide for them.  All I can do is expose them to God, show them why my relationship with Jesus is everything to me, and model Jesus.   I don't want them to have my faith, I want them to own their own faith.   But in the end they get to choose, just like I did.   More than anything I want my kids to have a personal relationship with Christ but I also know that I have so very little control over it.  Does that mean I am going to throw them to the wolfs and let them figure it out on their own, nope but I also can't live my life in fear.

Do I think I will have perfect kids because I homeschool them?  Can you hear me laughing?  Yesterday when I was talking to my mom on the phone, I was yelling at one and trying not to loose my shit at another one for spitting in the house.  Hello, I am a sinner.  My kids are sinners.  I do the best I can.  I try to raise them to have a godly character but there is the little thing called free will.   And as long as we have free will, there will be sin.  Do I think it would be easier if free will didn't exist, oh heck yes but then how would we ever know just how much we need Jesus?

Will my children be the weird unsocialized, oddly dressed homeschool kids?  Probably.  Have you met me?  I am as antisocial as they come.   People exhaust me.   Oddly dressed?  Well yesterday Bristol was wearing 5 different patterns and did her own hair so I will let you be the judge that.  

All this to say, public school wasn't working for our family so we made a decision to change that.  Will I homeschool forever?  I have no clue.  I think I will do it until Jeremy is done with school because it allows for more family time.

So there it is.  our reasons.  I know I forgot a ton.

Now I need to get Sutter down for her morning nap and get a little house work done.

Questions?  Ask away.

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