Sunday, July 12, 2015

2 years old!

How?! Thank goodness we have survived this long!

Stink, you are our miracle girl. 

Our little fighter. 

After loosing 2 babies before you, we weren't sure if we would ever have more kids. 

But then we got pregnant with you and even though things were a little on the rocky side at first with your pregnancy, you hung on and showed your incredible strong will early on. 9 months later, after a lot of drama in the delivery room, you came out fighting. 

I still regret not advocating for you more. I was naive enough to believe that all doctors were good doctors because I had never encountered a crappy doctor until that point. Those first 3 days were horrible, I felt like no one was listening to me, but God saw us through. He encouraged me to start listening to my inner "mama bear". And He gave you a strong will so you will never not be heard again. 

Your strong will is such a blessing Stinko. 

You are my little handful, the work of 2 kids. But you know what, that's okay. Because you have all these sweet little moments that make those times when your strong will clashes with Mommy's and Daddy's will worth it. Like this morning when you wanted nothing to do with our traditional balloon dump and all you wanted to do was cuddle with daddy. Or when you con us into letting you sit on the counter so you can get a "taste" of peanut butter. You bring us to our knees in prayer hourly but you also cause us to praise God in the next breath.  

The word NO is a dare to you.  Your smile is infectious.  Your curiosity is something to marvel at.  I love just watching you explore the world around you.  So quiet yet so noisy at the same time.   Stinky Girl, you have my heart.  

We love you Stink, strong will and all.

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