Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Life lately

It has been a while since I bored you with random thoughts and pictures of our every move.  So here you go


Jeremy likes to make fun of me because I am usually wearing two seasons at a time.  Like in the above picture, summer and winter.  It's because in my head I have this idea of how much skin can be showing for me to feel comfortable.  If I am wearing shorts, I want at least a 3/4 sleeve top.  If I am wearing pants then I feel a little more comfortable going sleeveless.  Weird, yes, but I am nothing if not crazy.

I have had these sandals for 3 summers now.  I love them and wear them several times a week.   Sadly they are starting to show their $16 price tag and I need to replace them but I am having the hardest time finding a new pair.  Right now I am leaning toward a pair of Saltwater Sandals but I buy them for the girls so I am having a hard time doing it for myself.

I have been trying to share my faith a little more.  It is not something I am very vocal about mostly because I have been hurt by people's idea of "faith" and I never want to do that to someone else.  But lately I feel it is something God wants me to do, so even though I am majorly ill equipped and a huge sinner, I am sharing. Because I know I can be a fumbling idiot but if God wants to use me He will.   I am trying to be more aware of how I act as well and the things that come out of my mouth because I don't want my words to say one thing and my actions to say another.  I want to be more encouraging to others, I am trying not to gossip so that people wont wonder if I talk behind their back as well.   It has been a lesson, one I am struggling with everyday but thankfully God holds my hand through it all and picks me up when I stumble and fall.

Eldon was helping me, (read tasting), make the whipped cream for Brighton's strawberry shortcake.   Note, off brand heavy whipping cream sucks and does not whip well at all.

 That didn't take long.  Did I mention Amazon accidentally sent us a twin doll stroller instead of the single I ordered?  I was too lazy to ship it back.

 I hate putting her down to do things like make the other 3 lunch or put them to bed.  If it was up to me, I would sit and stare at her all day long.

 I highly recommend this book.  I am half way through and I am loving it.

Right now I am currently reading the book about cleaning up youth entitlement along with a book about finding God's goodness in the bitter things,  a book on homeschooling, and I just picked up the 2 books pictured above at the library today because my holds came in.   I think this is the most books I have ever read at once.  And there is no fiction, MUST FIX THIS.

 I made this braid in my hair this morning because I am in desperate need of a cut, Bristol asked if I could give her a matching one.

 Then she spent the rest of the day trying to be like me.  Except, I wouldn't wear a dress unless forced too.
I got sick of my boring meal plan for the week and made a pretty one.

Now I am off to do a little more reading.  


Marriage is something I am pretty passionate about.  I want everyone to have a marriage like mine and Jeremy's.   One that is easy because we work at it.  One that has lots of communication.   Where you laugh but it is also okay to cry occasionally.  One where you lift each other up and encourage putting God before each other.    One that thrives on alone time but there is enough of a foundation to keep us together if alone time isn't always possible.   I have found such fulfillment in marriage not because it is my identity but it has given me a freedom to explore who I am.  Jeremy is always there to support me, cheer me on, pick me up when I fall.   He is my support.  He reminds me daily to turn to God when things are rough.   He is an amazing man and I am very lucky to have him.  I want everyone to have a Jeremy in their life but you can't have mine because he is taken.  

Saturday we got a date night and it was pure bliss, something that is now going to happen twice a month because when we are in sync, life is just easier to handle.  
Top//Me   Pants//Twice  Bag//Lily Jade

Monday, July 13, 2015

Celebrating our newest 2 year old

Birthdays are a pretty big deal to me.  I like to go all out.  It's kind of our thing.  I like to make the kiddos feel super special on their big day.  My parents made a pretty big deal about my birthday growing up and I have fond memories of it.   Some years it means a huge party and other years it means a fun trip as a family but we always try to make a big deal out of them on the actual day of their birth.   

Stink really wasn't impressed with our traditional balloon drop, all she wanted was daddy.  Her favorite thing on the weekends is to snuggle daddy when she first wakes up.  

 Jeremy's homemade cinnamon rolls.  We need to invent holidays so we can have these on a regular basis.

 This took about 100 shots and a bribe of chocolate chips.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Three Months....

Sweet Sutter Grace,

3 months of pure bliss. You are a dream baby. When I feel completely ill-equipped to be mother to you 4, you have a smile or coo for me. I love it. You are kind of my little side kick. You still prefer mommy over daddy which is awesome! This month you rolled over from belly to back and started cooing up a storm. You sleep an average of 12-13 1/2 hours at night and are still taking 3 naps a day.

We love you Sweet Girl.


2 years old!

How?! Thank goodness we have survived this long!

Stink, you are our miracle girl. 

Our little fighter. 

After loosing 2 babies before you, we weren't sure if we would ever have more kids. 

But then we got pregnant with you and even though things were a little on the rocky side at first with your pregnancy, you hung on and showed your incredible strong will early on. 9 months later, after a lot of drama in the delivery room, you came out fighting. 

I still regret not advocating for you more. I was naive enough to believe that all doctors were good doctors because I had never encountered a crappy doctor until that point. Those first 3 days were horrible, I felt like no one was listening to me, but God saw us through. He encouraged me to start listening to my inner "mama bear". And He gave you a strong will so you will never not be heard again. 

Your strong will is such a blessing Stinko. 

You are my little handful, the work of 2 kids. But you know what, that's okay. Because you have all these sweet little moments that make those times when your strong will clashes with Mommy's and Daddy's will worth it. Like this morning when you wanted nothing to do with our traditional balloon dump and all you wanted to do was cuddle with daddy. Or when you con us into letting you sit on the counter so you can get a "taste" of peanut butter. You bring us to our knees in prayer hourly but you also cause us to praise God in the next breath.  

The word NO is a dare to you.  Your smile is infectious.  Your curiosity is something to marvel at.  I love just watching you explore the world around you.  So quiet yet so noisy at the same time.   Stinky Girl, you have my heart.  

We love you Stink, strong will and all.

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