Wednesday, June 10, 2015

In a Groove

These last few days have been really nice family days.   I feel like we are finding our grove as a family of 6.  Can I tell you how good that feels!  Transitioning from 2 to 3 kids was really hard and I was worried that 3 to 4 would be even worse but it has been smooth. I think know it has a lot to do with Miss Sutter's laid back personality.  As long as some one is snuggling her, she is willing to go wherever, whenever.

Thursday my parents came to town, to hang out with the kiddos and to spend time with Sutter since they have only seen her once before at a wedding for like 3 hours.   The kids were so excited to have them here and I have to admit it was really nice to be able to run to the grocery store during the middle of the day kid free and make all over our meals without having to worry about stopping to make the baby happy and trying to keep the toddler from pulling the knives and everything else off the counter every time I turn around.
 The only picture evidence that my parents were here.  I was a bad picture taker.

Saturday, we left the house with the intention of running to the auto parts store and to pick up my latest library holds.  We ended up at Home Depot for their kids workshop and this month they were also having a mini car show with a bounce house, face painting, and bbq for the kiddos.   Even with having to take Brighton to the potty at least a hundred times, it was a blast.   After that we headed to the library where they were having a solar system themed day.   The kids got to look through telescopes at the sun.  Talk about a dream come true for them.

Yesterday was another really good day. The kids and I had a little play date in the morning complete with delicious, hot coffee.  Eldon, Brighton, Sutter, and I all took a nice long afternoon nap while Bristol watched a movie for quiet time,   When we got up, Jeremy was home from work and the weather was beautiful so instead of driving the .2 miles to the store, we walked there as a family. When we got home we enjoyed a delicious meal of tacos with chips and guacamole and then finished off the night with a little back yard fun while Jeremy did a little work in the garage.  Sutter happily sat in the Beco while I let Bo graze, kicked the ball for the dogs, and had fun with the big kids.   It was as easy and smooth as a day can get with my crazy herd and it was made even better when I got in a run for the first time in almost a year.  Man I missed running.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! What a beautiful family you have! Oh man, I haven't gone for a run in forever! I keep thinking about it, but never make it happen. Way to go, You! :)


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