Monday, June 1, 2015

Facebook break, instagram dump, and a few other random bits...

How is the weekend already over?  I am excited that its a 4 day work week for Jeremy.  I love these flex weeks.

This weekend was pretty busy with a trip out of town to do our shopping.   When we first moved here it wasn't too big of a deal that we had to drive 180 miles to do most of our shopping but 2 more children later and busier schedules, it is getting old.   I am struggling with it.  Any time we leave, our car gets packed full and there is no longer enough room to take my stroller plus come back with all of our groceries so the stroller gets left at home, which means we have multiple carts in the store and its just a lot.  I really don't want to get rid of my beloved Sequoia but the reality is, we need more space if we are going to be stuck here in the dessert.   My prayer is that we get to move but if not, that God will provide us with a Suburban even though I don't want one, I would much rather move.

Now on a lighter note, a few instagram photos from this past week....

I had to laugh when I looked over and saw her sleeping not playing.  She was out.  I couldn't believe she slept through me moving her from the play mat to her crib.  

 We have been spending most of our evenings in our well loved back yard.

 I love that Bo comes our of his house when he hears my voice, knowing I bring him food.

 I highly suggest the Fruit of the Spirit She Reads Truth study.  I got a lot from it.

Didn't Jeremy do an awesome job with the flowers?

This morning was so nice... Sutter, well all 4 kids, slept 12 glorious hours last night.  I was able to get up, drink my coffee hot, eat a delicious omelet, and dive into a new bible study this morning while the kids were still sleeping.  Hopefully the rest of this day will go just as smoothly.

I should mention to all of my 6 readers I  decided to take a little facebook break.  It was getting to be a little much and I found that I wanted to take a step back.   I tried to just limit my time on it but with the easy access on my phone, I found it was best to deactivate my account.  Maybe in a few weeks I will go back but maybe not.  It has been a few days and I find that I am not missing it at all.  There are a few friends I miss seeing updates from but overall it has been kind of nice to unplug just a little bit.  You can still find me on instagram because seriously, how could I give that up?

Maybe with my free time eyeroll
> I will get caught up on my picture editing and blogging.
I hope y'all have a wonderful week, it is our last week of homeschooling before we take a summer break and I am beyond excited.

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