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Sutter's Birth Story Part 2

part 1 here...

I left off that I had texted Megan around 4:45 and she said she would be there around 5.  I was feeling like I couldn't keep doing this start and stop thing so I need to make a game plan of how to handle it.

Well in the 15 minutes we were waiting for Megan things changed a lot.  I could no longer sit down and the contractions started coming right on top of each other.  To distract me Jeremy turned on a "how its made" type show that was completely boring yet fascinating at the same time.   In between contractions I would lean/squat against my sewing desk with edge pressing into my lower back and as soon as I would feel a contraction coming on I would turn around and use it for leverage while Jeremy pushed insanely hard on my lower back pressure points.  I am pretty sure I had a bruise the next day but it was so helpful and brought me so much relief.

5:05 pm... Megan and her assistant Becky walked in with their labor inducing herbs and oils.   I was seriously excited to see them.  At this point I was in serious denial that it was actually going to happen.  They observed like 2 contractions and the told us they were going to put their stuff away and start bringing in all the delivery stuff.  I remember asking if they really wanted to do that since it was going to stop any moment and I just wanted to make a pain management plan.  Told ya, denial.

5:45 pm...  I can honestly say at this point, I still really didn't think we were having a baby anytime soon but the contractions were getting pretty rough but not as bad as I thought they need to be. So when Megan said it was time to fill up the pool I was beyond relived.  I had been telling myself through the whole pregnancy I needed to last long enough to just get in the pool and it would get easier from there and it would also mean it we were close to the end.

6 pm...  I had just gone to the bathroom and told Jeremy I hoped the pool was going to be ready soon because I needed a break.  It wasn't horrible pain but it was constant at this point and I could just use a moment or two break.

As soon as I got in the pool I felt immediate relief.  I was still having contractions but the warm water was so soothing to my body.  I got about a 15 minute break from the pain, it was just what I needed to regroup.  There was some laughing and joking going on. Megan, Becky, and Jeremy kept forcing lovingly giving me water to keep me hydrated.   The pool was so amazing. I can't say enough positive things about that thing.  It was exactly like having an epidural, no pain but I could still tell the contractions were happening.

6:30 pm... My contractions started getting painful again.  I could feel Sutter descending more and more and I could also feel my water trying to break.  With Bristol my water broke when I got up off the couch but I didn't feel it actually break, with Eldon the doctor broke it and I could feel him immediately move down.  With Brighton the doctor broke it as well but I never actually felt anything so this time I wasn't really sure what to expect.  To be honest it was pretty uncomfortable.   But I still figured we had a ways to go because I wasn't to that point where I wanted to give up and go to the hospital and I had been warned that I had to get to that point.

6:45 pm.. My water broke, more like burst, it was one of the weirdest things I had every felt.  At this point my body started pushing on it's own which was another completely different experience. This is when I finally got on the whole having a baby train.

7:00 pm...  Her head came out.   It was horrible, I blocked this part out a lot, but Jeremy told me I was saying "it hurts" over and over again. With a water birth, the baby isn't touched until he/she is fully out so that the baby doesn't start breathing.  It is a very nerve wracking experience for the dad.  For me this is the point when I really wanted to be done and didn't want to do it anymore.  Sutter's shoulders where "sticky" and it was painful.  This was when I actually asked for my birth playlist.  I asked Jeremy to put on Give Me Jesus because I was done.  I couldn't do it on my own anymore.  I was tired, extremely hot, and even though I could see my babies head, half of her was still in me and I didn't want to keep going. I remember asking Megan if she could just pull her out the rest of the way.  Jeremy started praying for me, between his prayer and the song I felt a total peace come over me.  I felt empowered, ready to finish this. I looked down, something I swore I would never do, hoping that seeing the progress being made would make it easier. Once more push, and a little help from Megan, and Sutter was out.

7:04 pm... They put this beautiful baby on my chest.  I didn't want to let her go.  In the past I have been so weak from not eating that by the time we get to this point I could barely hold up my arms and Jeremy usually ended up holding the baby for a long time but with Sutter, all I wanted to do was hold her and never let go.  She was so perfect.  And we didn't even know if she was a boy or a girl because I was too busy holding her.

7:10 pm... I was bleeding more than expected so I had to hand Sutter off to Jeremy so Megan and Becky  could get me out of the pool to make sure everything was okay which it was.   I tore a little bit so Megan took care of that.

Then came all the formal stuff, checking over Sutter... I was so surprised when they told me she was 9 pounds 1 ounce.  I couldn't believe I had my first natural birth and the baby was 9 POUNDS.

This whole experience as more than I could ask for.  Megan and Becky, they listened to Jeremy and my wishes for a relaxed, stress free birth.   They gave Jeremy all the tools he needed to support me and get me through this.  I knew I would lean heavily on him during the whole thing and they were there to guide him.

Jeremy.  He is a saint.   He put up with my crazy emotional attitude all morning when my labor kept starting and stopping.  He didn't give up hope but he let me vent.   He held my hand, pushed my pressure points, held on to me, prayed for me, and kept me well fed with waffles and smoothies through the whole process.  From the day I told him I wanted to try a home birth, he never complained or doubted me, he just said "okay".   I could have never done this without him.   The last week of my pregnancy was an emotional roller coaster and he rode it without any complaints.

I still find it hard to believe I made it through my first natural birth and did it at home.  I do know, I would have never been able to do it in the hospital.  At home, I was able to move around freely, there weren't people asking me a million questions, and I could leave the room without permission.  Until the actual delivery part, Megan and Becky stayed in the background and let Jeremy take care of me.  Not something I would have been able to do in the hospital.  Megan asked me if I would ever go back to a medicated, hospital birth and I say without a doubt no.  Its amazing how much faster my recovery has been this time, I didn't have any of the usual issues I have had in the past.  Most days, I forget I just had a baby, until she of course starts yelling at me to eat because those rolls of hers are hard to maintain.

And there you have it.  Sutter's birth story.

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  1. Beautiful. SO happy for you. 4th baby, Homebirth, waterbirth, back pressure. stuck shoulder, perfect baby and so happy to have done it... man it sounds like my Reid's story :)


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