Sunday, May 17, 2015

Red Lips

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Shoes//Jessica Simpson

Random thoughts on my brain this Wednesday, well now it is Sunday, so,.. random thoughts on my brain this Sunday evening....

I finally wrote part 2 of Sutter's birth story.  

Why oh why did I agree to do Insanity?  Oh right, those pesky baby weight pounds that I want off.  Well more the extreme excess of skin around my middle that I want to say goodbye too.  I really don't care about the number on the scale but more how my clothes fit and they aren't fitting well at all.  Let's not even talk about the bathing suit situation. 60 day program and I already survived a week.

Back to cleaning eating makes my stomach so happy.   I missed it a lot while I was pregnant but I couldn't muster up an appetite and pretty much lived off of anything that was super bland which clean meals are most definitely not. I committed to it 2 weeks ago and with the exception of a few treats like making cookies with the kids and eating highly processed but oh so delicious nacho cheese at a birthday party, I have stuck to it.  Now I am craving fruits and vegetables instead of chocolate and baked goods.  Well I still crave chocolate because hello! its chocolate.  

Tuesday was Jeremy's last night of school this semester.  Wednesday night instead of getting out of the house on my own like I planned, I laid on the couch trying to sleep off a migraine but I am thankful Jeremy was home to step in and deal with dinner and the kiddos.  I did end up getting out Thursday night and he kept the kids and bathed them.  Talk about super dad.  Bath nights were the worst this school semester.  

Moving. It is no secret that we want out of Ridgecrest. We want to live somewhere with more opportunities for the kids, where we can enjoy nature without having to watch for rattlesnakes, where it doesn't get into the triple digit degrees 10 months out of the year but those are all things Jeremy and I want. We are praying about what God wants from us and for us. And sometimes it's hard waiting on His timing. You would think I would be better about it after having to wait 6 extra days for Miss Sutter but I am not.  And one of the things that makes it super hard is Eldon's allergies.  The wind and dust are in full swing here which means Eldon has been sick all month.  But there are also the positives of this winter and spring, the cool amount of rain we got turned the desert a beautiful color and the cloudy skies that have meant cooler than usual temperatures for this May.

My feet got wider this pregnancy, these ballet flats, no longer comfortable.  My running shoes are bruising  my toes.  Please tell me this will be short lived.  I don't have a lot of shoes but I do love the ones I have.  I don't want replace them.   Please feet, go back to your normal size.

I am on team Joshua for the voice. I know you didn't ask but I really like his voice. Followed closely by Sawyer and Megan.  

I am really enjoying playing around with fun lipstick colors.  I never thought I could pull of a red lip but I think it doesn't look too bad.

And that's if for this this Sunday night, now I am going to run away so Jeremy doesn't make me do another night of Insanity.  Kidding, slightly, not really.

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