Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Our weekend and a few instagrams

We had such a wonderful weekend.   Jeremy cleaned off the top of the fridge, I cleaned out the fridge, and we purged the kiddos toys.   Aw... the joys of adult hood.  But it did feel really good to get a few of the things on my long term to-do list taken care of.  This weekend I have big exciting plans to scrub the kitchen from top to bottom.

Tomorrow is the last day of preschool for Eldon.  It is hard to believe his school year is already over.  Bristol's not so much.  We have 20 lessons left and I made the executive decision to double up on the lessons so we will be done in 2 1/2 weeks instead of 5 weeks.  It is really hard to keep Bristol focused on school work when Eldon is home.  

I thought about doing a day in the life post but it would go something like this... feed Sutter, make the big kids breakfast, feed Sutter, make the big kids lunch, feed Sutter, make everyone dinner, feed Sutter, and somewhere in there do a million loads of laundry well more like 2, clean, and work out.    You get the point, I am pretty much feeding kids all day long.  

We are getting ready to move the kiddos rooms around.  Brighton is going in with Bristol, Sutter in with Eldon.  Any tips for getting Bristol to actually sleep?  That kid is just like Jeremy and survives off of 4 hours of sleep.  There used to be a day when she slept 12/13 hours each night.   

All 3 girls have worn this outfit, it is one of my favorites.  Although Sutter is the only one who wears the pants as capris.  

A massive blow out 10 minutes after bed time resulted in another bath.  The face, flashbacks to her birth?
This recipe was so good.  We will definitely be making it again.

I love watching her sleep.  The biggest down side to our busy days, not getting to hold her and stare at her all the time.

Sutter likes to charm Jeremy every night right around the time she should be going to bed.

Food?  Who has time to eat, I want to smile and be cute.   I think I shall eat in about 5 minutes.  When you are trying to get Eldon to school...   And you know what, I was okay with it because she slept 11 hours last night and it was wonderful.  

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