Tuesday, May 5, 2015

One Month...

Sutter Grace you remind me so much of your big brother. Your legs and arms are so long and skinny. Those feet! They are the first thing people notice.

You have fit right in, like you have always been a part of this family.  I can't remember what it was like without you.

Most nights you sleep an 8 hour stretch and then a 4/5 hour stretch. It usually is in your bassinet but some nights if you are having a hard time falling asleep I bring the swing in the room because mama is spoiled and likes her sleep.

You are so loved by your older 3. They get mad when they can't hold you. Brighton seems most impressed by you.  But you brother, he is your big protector, always looking out for you.

As long as you aren't hungry you are content to just be. But boy when you are hungry nothing is making you happy but food.

You take a bottle best from daddy and he loves being able to feed you.

When daddy is holding you, you scrunch up into this tiny little ball on his chest.  It is so adorable.  

You gained 1 1/2 pounds this much, such a little chunk.

You are my sweet blessing, God's reminder of the grace He has given us especially over these last few months.  Which is why daddy pushed so hard for your middle name to be Grace.  A daily reminder.

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