Monday, May 25, 2015

A holiday weekend

Button up//Forever 21

I totally planned to wear my lace shorts with this outfit but it was like 80 that day and that is way to cold for me to put on shorts, I am glad it forced me to pull out my white pants.  How I missed these while I was pregnant.

Cleaning out my closet, easy pea-sy... Cleaning out my earring collection is like trying to get rid of one or my kids.

I had a capsule wardrobe before it was cool probably because I find something I like and buy it in every color that works well with my skin tone. But I find that I want change out my favorite pieces for higher quality pieces that are going to last more than a few washes. Thank goodness for places like Twice and Thred up.

Potty training.... Day 1; horrific. I am the complete opposite of a helicopter parent, so to be a helicopter parent drives me nuts. Day 2; 3 accidents and a poop success. 1 accident was because the big kids didn't put the potty seat or stool back when they were done doing their business. Another one was when we were all hanging out in the back yard playing catch and didn't make it too the potty quick enough. Day 3; was going great until we decided to go swimming at a friends house. Stink kept saying she had to pee and then would go back to playing. A poop accident later, we should have gone when she said she had to pee.

Night one of Sutter moving to Eldon's room, giant failure and resulted in her sleeping in the swing. Night 2 was almost a failure until I put her more in the corner of the crib. I don't think she liked the bigness of the crib because as soon as I re-positioned her, she fell right to sleep for 11 glorious hours. Night 3, she went down without any kind of fuss tonight, hopefully she sleeps just as well.

Friday we went and took care of Sutter's social security stuff and I have to say, I don't really like being treated like an illegal resident just because we chose to have a home birth. I was not impressed at all.

We did our fit test for insanity, I lost 1 3/4 inches! I was hoping for more but I will take it. We aren't weighing in until the 30 day mark.

Does Jeremy really have to go back to work tomorrow? At least he starts summer hours this week and will be home before the kiddos wake up from their naps.

Pray that my first day of solo potty training goes smoothly.

This little girl has stolen my heart.  I am obsessed with her.

A rare picture of all 3 of them smiling and looking at the camera.  A framer even if Fuss is a little blurry.

Sutter was absolutely spoiled this weekend, most of her naps she slept on Jeremy or me.

They both look so grown up here.  In just a little over a month Stink with be 2 and then Fuss will be 6 just 6 short weeks after that.  Time goes a little to fast.  

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