Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Trying to be a fun mom

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I am good at being the organized, scheduled mom.  Its how my world works.   It is the only way I function.  But the fun, impromptu mom, that is so not me.  It has taken me almost 2 years to get comfortable with running into any place other than the grocery store with all 3 kids which is ironic since #4 is supposed to be here in less than a week.

I have been super grumpy this week and the kids are getting the brunt of it so last night I mentioned to Jeremy that I was thinking about taking the kids to the park for lunch time today.   When I woke up this morning and it was overcast, I was bummed and thought our plans might get cancelled but then I decided I needed to do something with the kids today.  Their world is about to change drastically any day and while we don't make a huge deal about adding more kids to our family, I still wanted to make them feel a little extra special today.   My back up plan was the library but the library with Brighton is not fun at all.  She likes to run laps and pull all the books of the shelves and yell "no" and "mommy" very loudly.  

I am glad I followed through.  It gave the kids a nice little lunch break and I got to enjoy my kids.  

My kids thrive on my schedules but they also need me to be fun some days.  They need impromptu park dates and picnic lunches.

But we need to move somewhere that believes in park restrooms and benches for 39 week pregnant women to sit on.  It is a miracle that I didn't go into labor getting up off the ground.  Although, I would have gladly welcomed that miracle.

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