Monday, March 9, 2015

Today//5 1/2, 4, and 20 months

This was last Tuesday.  Tuesday's are rough days for us, Jeremy leaves the house at 6:30 am and doesn't get home until 9 pm.

5:00 -5:30//Time to wake up, shower and get ready for the day

6:00 - 6:30//Play barista for Jeremy. With him being gone as much as he is this school semester I try to get up with him every day to spend extra time with him.  I feel the a migraine starting.

6:30// My migraine is so bad I can't see out of my left eye, I decide it's best to try and get a few more minutes of sleep...20 minutes later and I am doing better.  Not 100% but at least I have 90% of my vision back and can manage to do things like cook and drive again

6:55// Finish getting ready for the day.  I am freezing this morning so I opt for shoes I can wear socks with.

7:15// I am actually waking Bristol up. This is rare.  Normally she is up before the rooster.

7:30// make it to the kitchen and realize that I turned on the espresso maker but forgot to turn on the pot of water for the oatmeal.  Which means we will be running late this morning. And since I am out of my freezer stash of waffles we have to wait for the oatmeal.

8:20//  I am shocked we are early for preschool drip off this morning, it felt like the kids were dragging the feet extra hard today. 5 minutes to spare means I get to drink my coffee and catch up on
blog reading.

8:30// Grocery shopping.  I try to go every Tuesday although I am sure that is going to change once Sutter is born.

9:30// Brighton goes down for her morning nap which is hit or miss these days.  She can't quite make it through to the afternoon on days I have to wake her up for school drop off but she is getting to the point where I can't count on this nap time anymore either.   I have pretty much phased it out on the weekends because she usually sleeps an extra hour in the mornings.

Bristol starts school work for the day, normally I get all of her school work together the day before but I didn't get this done on Monday, I pull it together while she is doing bible.

I start my chores.

10:30// I stop to eat my bagel and realize I haven't had my quiet time this morning. Afterwards I decide I don't feel like cleaning anymore so I play on the computer.

11:45//  We are back from picking Eldon up from preschool.  My carpet in the car is filthy and I can't take it anymore, which means I vacuum it out quickly.

Noon// Lunchtime

12:50// Back to school work. It is taking way longer than normal today.  On a typical day Bristol is usually finishing up her last video right when I put lunch on the table.

2:00// Bristol finally finished up school and I got the laundry and kitchen done while she was doing that.   The little 2 were off playing destroying the rest of the house.

2:00// It's finally nap time and it can't come soon enough, I am exhausted today.  I hear the kids playing in their rooms but I fall asleep anyways.  

4:15// Brighton finally fell asleep at 4 but we need to head out to see Jeremy so I get the pleasure of waking the beast. Yes, I do put pants on this child but the minute she gets in her crib she takes them off.
4:30// Decided to buy coffee instead of make it.  I needed a treat.

4:55-5:05// We hang out with Jeremy.  This is the only time the kids get to spend with him on Tuesdays.

5:30// Back home for dinner.  I am craving pancakes and eggs tonight.  Thankfully the kids are on board and don't even miss the hot dogs and macaroni and cheese they always request on non Jeremy nights. I throw on a little Dusty Crop Hopper to entertain the kids while I am cooking dinner.  I have become a big fan of the electronic babysitter on nights Jeremy has school.

6:00// I clean up the kitchen for the last time today while the kiddos pick up the rest of the house.   I told them if they got it done fast enough they could finish watching Dusty but instead they mess around and end up getting in trouble.

7:30// Bed time. The kids are in bed and I finish up the last few things I want to get done before bed.  Which means laundry and pulling all of Bristol's school work for tomorrow together.  

9:00// Jeremy is home!  He makes me my nightly smoothie and I fall asleep on the couch watching Property Brothers.

Midnight//  Jeremy is finally done with his homework for the night so it is off to bed for us.  That 5 am alarm comes a little to quick.  

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