Monday, March 2, 2015

Our weekend

This pretty much sums up how my weekend went....
Yes, I ironed it on wrong after running to the store because I ran out of iron on transfers half way through my projects.  Thankfully Jeremy said he will be my sacrificial lamb and go to walmart for a new shirt.

When I started writing this post this morning it had a much different tone.  I was still stuck in my funk but then my computer crashed and I had to redo it.

Last week was rough, which surprised me.  After having a pretty decent weekend , I expected the week to go smoothly but then Jeremy ended up getting home even later than normal Sunday night and the kids were missing him something fierce.   I was also struggling with not spending any time with him.  It kind of just set the tone for the week. By Friday we were thankful to have him to ourselves for 3 days but it was 3 days of getting caught up on little things like midwife appointments and hair cuts and it seem like all 5 of us were in a major funk so yeah, it wasn't the greatest weekend but it was decent. 

Thankfully after a cleaning session to my favorite worship songs and a lot of prayer this morning, I feel way better.  I may have listened to the song Give Me Jesus at least 10 times in 1 hour.  My funk seems to be gone.   

A look back on the last week..
 I ate a whole container of strawberries on my own in a matter of an hour.  I am having serious fruit cravings these days.  I would be happy to eating nothing but fruit and cinnamon toast bagels from Panera.   Random yes, but true.

 Tuesdays are one of the days when the kids see Jeremy for about 5 minutes.  Is it really any surprise they all stayed awake till he walked in the door at 9 pm?   He went in to kiss them goodnight and found they were all waiting to snuggle with him.   I am finding that bedtime isn't as set in stone right now.  Side note, yes Brighton wears pajamas to bed but the minute she is in her crib she usually takes them off.  

 I am going for super easy, freezable meals right now.  This is one of my favorites.  Salsa chicken, a can of salsa and a package of chicken in the crockpot on low for like 4-5 hours.   I had enough leftover to freeze for 2 more meals.  We like to eat it as tacos or burritos.  Bristol of course makes a salad out of it.
 My beautiful tulips that unfortunately didn't last very long.   Random fact about myself, I don't like mixed flower bouquets.  I love flowers but prefer my bouquets to be all the same flower.

I really miss watching the storms come over the Rockies but this winter we have had the pleasure of seeing quiet a few storms roll in.   Winter in the desert definitely hasn't sucked this year.
Movie night!
 At least I didn't mess up Bristol and Eldon's shirts.  
 Sunday I was so excited to wake up to baby month!   I can't believe we only have a few more weeks before Sutter joins us.    I found the calendar here

Saturday I texted my mother in law and asked her if there was any way she would be willing to make the 1 1/2 hour drive up here on Sunday so Jeremy and I could go out on a date. She of course said yes.
It's kind of funny because both Jeremy and I sat at the table at lunch just zoning out.  Enjoying the relaxing, peaceful meal.  It was nice to turn off for a while and actually enjoy a meal. 

And how could you not enjoy that? Not pictured, the soft pretzel with spinach artichoke dip and stout brownie.  Seriously amazing lunch! If you are ever in Kernville, head to the Kern River Brewing Company for a meal.  Jeremy had their coffee beer and said it was really good, I didn't taste it but it did smell amazing.  
Grandma treated the kiddos to ice cream when we got back from lunch.   She is much nicer than mommy and daddy, we usually just give Brighton a cone with nothing in it.   

Now on to the rest of our week!   Friday marked the start of our weekly midwife visits.    Now we are just waiting on Sutter.   

How was your weekend?

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