Friday, March 13, 2015

Instagram// Crazy Pregnant Lady

I have officially gone a little crazy.  Normal right?!  For me it is.  Those last few weeks of pregnancy make me insane.  I am doing fine and then one day a switch flips and I no longer want to be pregnant and all I can think about is being done.  In the past, it has signaled the finish line is quickly approaching, this time however, I am not so sure.  So please excuse the crazy, be thankful you are not Jeremy and being flooded with "I am so done" texts all day long.

In an effort to distract myself, I thought I would do a little instagram update...

We bought my car used 3 1/2 years ago when we moved here.   Living in the middle of no where means we have managed to put 40,000 miles on it.   But no worries, I feel we are just breaking her in.  I can say that since I am married to the car whisperer.

Lent Study// I am really enjoying this study.   Day #18 spoke to me.

Oh, cursive... I love you and I hate you.  I definitely hated you when I was learning you and my daughter has the same feelings, hopefully when she is older she will appreciate it as much as I do.  Our biggest struggle since switching to homeschooling has been cursive writing but now that she is getting the hang of it things are going a lot better and she loves showing off her name writing skills.

I have a lot of quirks.  Needing to have a clean windshield is one of them.   I cannot drive with dead bugs.

Brighton got her first hair cut last Friday, it was time to say goodbye to the baby mullet.  She made hilarious faces through the whole process.  This kid and her facial expressions crack me up.

I totally wore my slippers all day the other day.  That included preschool drop off, grocery shopping, a trip to home depot, eating out, you know all prefect slipper wearing activities.

These days when I stop moving, I immediately want to pass out.  Not the end of the world but impossible to do when 3 kids are running around.

We were enjoying looking at baby pictures of the kids the other night, hoping it would encourage Sutter to come out.

I love that it is that time of year when I can tell the kids to go outside.  It makes me happy and it keeps the inside clean longer.

I told you I have gone crazy.  At 10 pm Wednesday night I had Jeremy remove the lid to the washer so I could clean it better.   After I had already scrubbed the bathrooms till the sparkled.

Jeremy replaced my hard drive hoping it would fix my blue screen issue but I am still having issues.  Next up, the motherboard.   But it isn't even close to a priority and I am frustrated that it needs to be done.

Learning Calendar//A quick simple project that Bristol loves.

This Dove bar was my lunch the other day, don't judge.

2 weeks ago I bought beautiful tulips and the lasted all of 3 or 4 days.  A week ago I bought these beautiful orchids and thought for sure I would get maybe 5 days out of them max, a week later and they still look beautiful and show no signs of dying.

1 week before Eldon was born//1 month before Brighton was born//? Before Sutter

Everyone told me how small I am in this picture compared to my other pregnancies, lets just take a moment to reflect on the fact that I was still pregnant for another month with Brighton.  A whole month.   I forgot just how huge I got with her.  

I am pretty sure Bo is going to wake up from his winter sleep before Sutter makes his/her appearance in to the world.

Waistbands have become my enemy.  My lower abdomen is so sore these days.  I am not the biggest fan of dresses and skirts, jeans are my thing, but if I can relieve one less discomfort I am all about it.  

As frustrated as I am about still being pregnant, I am enjoying these last few days with Brighton as the baby.  She has been extra snuggly with me lately.   It has been wonderful.   

Pinterest keeps suggesting gray haired cuts for me.  I know I am probably at the older end of what is acceptable for having pink hair but does Pinterest really think I need gray hair already?

I needed another pedicure.  I know I just got one a few weeks ago but my feet are in a lot of pain these last few days.  I was also hoping it would put me into labor.   When I was 39 weeks and a few days with Brighton, I was sitting in the pedicure chair texting my mother in law saying I really didn't think tonight was the night so she should just go ahead with her plans... a few hours later Jeremy was insisting she come because I was in labor.    

Now onto the weekend... The windows are open, the fan is on, the sun is shinning and it  smells like spring which is so rare here in the desert.  I plan to enjoy it, maybe even go for a walk to the park this evening.   What are your plans for the weekend?

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