Monday, March 9, 2015

Baby #4//38 weeks

Top//Be Maternity Target
Jeans//Old distressed by me

I don't know how I feel writing this post this week.  I am having days were I am completely over pregnancy and then there are days when I pretty much forget that I am pregnant other than the whole kicking thing and not being able to bend forward thing.  There are also days where it depends on the hour, how I feel.  Today was one of those days.  I was so over the whole pregnancy thing this morning when I was achy and then mid afternoon I was fine.  Now I have crazy heartburn going on and I am really ready for it to be gone.    Some nights I am sleeping great and other nights I  barely sleep at all. Saturday I woke up dry heaving because of the stomach acid burning up my throat. I ended up sleeping on the couch for a few hours so I could sleep sitting up. I think it was the combination of eating a cinnamon crunch bagel and stress that did me in. Cinnamon isn't my friend right now.  So like I said, I don't know how I feel.   It really depends on when you ask me.

Not checking to see if I have made progress each week is strange. On one hand I really wish I knew if I was making any progress but on the other hand it is kind of nice to not know. It almost seems to be making these final weeks of pregnancy drag on.  If I make it to 39 week, which I sure I will be, I see myself breaking down and asking to be checked but then again if I make it to 39 weeks without any progress, I may go crazy.

These pants are about 3 sizes to big but really the only comfortable thing I own right now.  The saggy boyfriend look is in, right?

When I started working on this sign I wrote 28 weeks at first instead of 38 weeks.  Thank goodness that was just a slip and not the actual truth. 

Eldon really spoiled me with coming into the world at 38 weeks, I think he is my favorite child at the moment.  Kidding!  Okay maybe not.

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