Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Baby #4//37 weeks

Top//H&M Maternity
Vest//Old Navy
Jeans//Old Navy maternity distressed by me
Shoes//Minnetonka slippers

I am in a little bit of shock that the sign says 37 weeks. I know I have been pregnant for all this time but honestly it came a little bit sooner than I thought it would. Maybe because life is so busy right now but I am more than ready to meet Sutter. Especially after not being able to fall asleep till 1 am last night and then waking up at 5am with a migraine and spotty vision.  Thankfully I had enough time this morning to go back to bed for about 20 minutes and that seem to take care of it.

Friday we had the first of my weekly midwife appointments. Sutter looked great, although he/she has managed to get even lower than  he/she already was. I kind of suspected that with all the wonderful back pain and pressure I am having.  I am not sure the baby can get any lower without actually going into labor but if it is possible I really don't want to find out.

Friday I also got my first pedicure in preparation for Sutter.  I know I have mentioned this before but I have to have pretty toes to have a baby.   I will go back again at 38 weeks if I am still pregnant.

No real labor signs but I have never really had them until I have actually gone into labor.   There have been a few days of cramping but who knows if that is from progress being made or the baby sitting where it is.

I am missing...
-Exercise. I really miss running, so looking forward to getting back into it in a few weeks.
-Wearing my wedding ring.  It still fits but most days it is too big and hurts my fingers because it cuts into the 2 next to my ring finger.
-Real clothes. Seriously I am so ready to wear something other than the same 5 shirts and 3 pairs of pants each week.
-Bending forward.  I have never had this problem before.  I have always been able to touch my toes right up until delivery day but if I attempt to bend over right now, its like I have a rod in my belly that stops me from doing so.  Very inconvenient.

This week I am trying to finish up all the little things left on my baby list like having a packing list for stuff to send with the kiddos, I also made an emergency hospital bag list for myself.   I have a few more little things to do and then we are officially completely ready for Sutter.  Saturday I worked on our emergency birth plan, in case for whatever reason, I end up at the hospital.   While I still absolutely don't want to go there, I feel confident that my voice will be heard this time.

That's about it for the 37 week update.   We are in the baby holding pattern now.

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