Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Baby #4// 40 Weeks

Jeans//J Jeans Maternity via Thred Up
Bag//Lily Jade

Did I ever think I would be posting a picture of me at 40 weeks pregnant with baby #4?  Nope.  Bristol was born on her due date and I never made it to my due date with the other 2.  

Yesterday was a really hard day for me. I am not proud of that fact but I believe in being honest. And if I am being honest, I cried more than anything else yesterday. I took my frustration at still being pregnant out on Jeremy and the kids. And God. I was so lost inside how done being pregnant I was that I couldn't be bothered to look at anyone or anything else. I woke up in the same mood this morning but thankfully God got a hold of my heart and changed my outlook on life before I ruined yet another day by feeling sorry for myself.

So instead of focusing on the things that are irritating me like having to buy yet another container of Tums today and another bottle of stretch mark oil, only having 3 shirts that go to the bottom of my belly, or the fact that my bladder can't hold more than 2 drops of pee, I am going to focus on the good stuff....

Friday I am getting my 3rd pedicure.  I usually start getting them every 2 weeks around the 36 week mark, well here we are, it has been another 2 weeks so I am going back.  

Jeremy has 49 days left till the end of this school semester.  That means only 49 more days of solo parenting 4 days a week left.  Well, if you don't count drill weekends and annual training this summer, but I am choosing to ignore those.

A good hair day.   I will always take one of these.  I am super bummed my pink washed out so fast this time.   I think I am going to have her dye it darker next time.  I can live with hot pink hair for a week or 2 if it means the pastel pink it fades too will stick around more than 2 washes.

My new diaper bag.  Yes I had to show this beauty off.    Seriously, I am spoiled.   At the beginning of February, Jeremy told me to order it.   I had to wait about 6 weeks for it to get here because it was on back order but totally worth it.   I felt really guilty spending the money on it but I used my last diaper bag for 2 years and other than needing more space it is still in really good condition.   I see myself using this bag for many years too come.  One feature it has that I never thought I would use but find myself loving, it has the ability to turn into a backpack which is wonderful when I am attempting to chase Brighton around.  And I do mean attempting because watching my giant pregnant belly-self run after a 20 month old is pretty funny looking I am sure.  

And that's it. I am really, really, really hoping I don't have to post a 41 week update.

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