Monday, March 16, 2015

A random post about nothing

It has been a while since I did a random post about nothing...

I really don't like this summers bulky sandal trend. I think they are super unflattering and make peoples feet look like they have giant clown feet. I am sorry if you like the foot bed look, just like all trends, they are not for everyone. But these or these I could totally own. Like they may be sitting in my Target shopping cart.

I am still in love with my couch. I know most people walk in to my house, see the 3.9 kids and think why the heck does this crazy woman have a white couch. One word people, bleach. And bleach pens. And Shout. 3 best things in the world and already staples around here. 6 months in and I love the couch more than the day I bought it. It is easy to keep clean, I wash the whole thing once a month and then if something gets spilled or wiped on a cushion, I just take it off and put it in with my whites. Every mom should own a washable, white couch. Now if Jeremy and I could agree on dining room chairs. I think we finally have but you never know.

These are the ones I really wanted but Jeremy is pretty dead set against them.  He doesn't like the whole idea of plastic chairs.
So I think we are going to end up with these. I really like the tangerine color but I find myself being cautious and leaning toward the silver ones. What would you do?

I was really hoping Sutter would be born tomorrow on St. Patrick's Day but I don't think that is going to happen. I have absolutely no signs of labor. I am really done with this whole being pregnant thing.

I asked nicely.

Brighton is getting very frustrated with us because we aren't potty training her. For a kid who refuses to talk, she sure gets her point across. It is to the point where she comes and tells me every time she is peeing in her diaper. I really would love to potty train her but I can't take anything else on right this second but Jeremy is planning on starting as soon as Sutter is born. I am hoping since it is her idea she will be as easy to train as Eldon.

I wouldn't call myself overly girly because I prefer jeans and a t-shirt to dresses any day but I do love to paint my nails, put on make up, get my hair done, and wear pretty clothes. Bristol, she is obsessed with dresses and skirts. On days I make her wear shorts or pants you would think I was chopping of a limb. But sometimes, like days when you are going to be playing in the dirt all day long, it just calls for shorts or pants.

A few weeks back during one of my nesting kicks we reorganized all the saved kids clothes we have by gender and then size. I used the costco huggies boxes because they are perfect. Yesterday I needed to pull something out of one of the boxes and it was so nice to be able to open the box and find exactly what I was looking for. Side note, we still haven't washed the newborn clothes. I have a few gender neutral things washed but my plan is to just throw the newborn clothes in for which ever gender Sutter ends up being after he/she is born.

We were seriously blessed this evening. One of my friends organized a freezer meal train for after Sutter is born, which will be never. Between these meals and the meals I have been adding to my freezer each week, I wont have to cook for at least a month. Although, the chocolate chip cookies might not make it until after the birth, just saying.

Because I like cruel and unusual punishment, I decided to put the baby swing together yesterday. Just a reminder that I am still pregnant.

Okay, I am done being dramatic for now.

Have a wonderful Monday evening.

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  1. Love those metal chairs!! I think I would do the silver. You can add color in so many other ways!
    Those meals will be so great!! I think even better than not having to cook is less grocery shopping!!


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