Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Baby #4// 40 Weeks

Jeans//J Jeans Maternity via Thred Up
Bag//Lily Jade

Did I ever think I would be posting a picture of me at 40 weeks pregnant with baby #4?  Nope.  Bristol was born on her due date and I never made it to my due date with the other 2.  

Yesterday was a really hard day for me. I am not proud of that fact but I believe in being honest. And if I am being honest, I cried more than anything else yesterday. I took my frustration at still being pregnant out on Jeremy and the kids. And God. I was so lost inside how done being pregnant I was that I couldn't be bothered to look at anyone or anything else. I woke up in the same mood this morning but thankfully God got a hold of my heart and changed my outlook on life before I ruined yet another day by feeling sorry for myself.

So instead of focusing on the things that are irritating me like having to buy yet another container of Tums today and another bottle of stretch mark oil, only having 3 shirts that go to the bottom of my belly, or the fact that my bladder can't hold more than 2 drops of pee, I am going to focus on the good stuff....

Friday I am getting my 3rd pedicure.  I usually start getting them every 2 weeks around the 36 week mark, well here we are, it has been another 2 weeks so I am going back.  

Jeremy has 49 days left till the end of this school semester.  That means only 49 more days of solo parenting 4 days a week left.  Well, if you don't count drill weekends and annual training this summer, but I am choosing to ignore those.

A good hair day.   I will always take one of these.  I am super bummed my pink washed out so fast this time.   I think I am going to have her dye it darker next time.  I can live with hot pink hair for a week or 2 if it means the pastel pink it fades too will stick around more than 2 washes.

My new diaper bag.  Yes I had to show this beauty off.    Seriously, I am spoiled.   At the beginning of February, Jeremy told me to order it.   I had to wait about 6 weeks for it to get here because it was on back order but totally worth it.   I felt really guilty spending the money on it but I used my last diaper bag for 2 years and other than needing more space it is still in really good condition.   I see myself using this bag for many years too come.  One feature it has that I never thought I would use but find myself loving, it has the ability to turn into a backpack which is wonderful when I am attempting to chase Brighton around.  And I do mean attempting because watching my giant pregnant belly-self run after a 20 month old is pretty funny looking I am sure.  

And that's it. I am really, really, really hoping I don't have to post a 41 week update.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Trying to be a fun mom

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I am good at being the organized, scheduled mom.  Its how my world works.   It is the only way I function.  But the fun, impromptu mom, that is so not me.  It has taken me almost 2 years to get comfortable with running into any place other than the grocery store with all 3 kids which is ironic since #4 is supposed to be here in less than a week.

I have been super grumpy this week and the kids are getting the brunt of it so last night I mentioned to Jeremy that I was thinking about taking the kids to the park for lunch time today.   When I woke up this morning and it was overcast, I was bummed and thought our plans might get cancelled but then I decided I needed to do something with the kids today.  Their world is about to change drastically any day and while we don't make a huge deal about adding more kids to our family, I still wanted to make them feel a little extra special today.   My back up plan was the library but the library with Brighton is not fun at all.  She likes to run laps and pull all the books of the shelves and yell "no" and "mommy" very loudly.  

I am glad I followed through.  It gave the kids a nice little lunch break and I got to enjoy my kids.  

My kids thrive on my schedules but they also need me to be fun some days.  They need impromptu park dates and picnic lunches.

But we need to move somewhere that believes in park restrooms and benches for 39 week pregnant women to sit on.  It is a miracle that I didn't go into labor getting up off the ground.  Although, I would have gladly welcomed that miracle.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Baby #4//39 Weeks

Top//Be Maternity via Target
Skirt//A daily deal website
Sandals// Sanuk 

I am not going to lie, this morning when I woke up still pregnant, I was frustrated.  Annoyed.   Grumpy.   I decided I should do everything in my power to get in my quiet time before the kids woke up because there was no way I was going to be a pleasant mom without a little Jesus time first.

Before I started reading I was not pleasant and I was asking God "why?" a lot.   I know I am only 39 weeks but I honestly didn't think I would make it too this point.  I have been so done with pregnancy for about a week and that usually means I am actually about to be done.

This morning God stressed the importance of praying His will be done.   It was hard to hear.   I don't want to pray His will today.  I want mine done.  I want to have this baby.  I want to see the finished result.   I, I, I.    I surrender.  Because seriously that is the only way I am going to get through this.  I surrendered to His will and knowing my stubborness, I will have to keep surrendering all day.  But I do so knowing He is going to give me His perfect peace and strength that will get me through to the end of this pregnancy whether it be a day or 3 weeks.   God will get me through this if I rest in Him.   So as much as I still struggle with this, I am praying for His will and timing for Sutter's birth.   And once again His peace and Strength.

...May your will be done on earth, as it is in Heavan....
Matthew 6:10

Monday, March 16, 2015

A random post about nothing

It has been a while since I did a random post about nothing...

I really don't like this summers bulky sandal trend. I think they are super unflattering and make peoples feet look like they have giant clown feet. I am sorry if you like the foot bed look, just like all trends, they are not for everyone. But these or these I could totally own. Like they may be sitting in my Target shopping cart.

I am still in love with my couch. I know most people walk in to my house, see the 3.9 kids and think why the heck does this crazy woman have a white couch. One word people, bleach. And bleach pens. And Shout. 3 best things in the world and already staples around here. 6 months in and I love the couch more than the day I bought it. It is easy to keep clean, I wash the whole thing once a month and then if something gets spilled or wiped on a cushion, I just take it off and put it in with my whites. Every mom should own a washable, white couch. Now if Jeremy and I could agree on dining room chairs. I think we finally have but you never know.

These are the ones I really wanted but Jeremy is pretty dead set against them.  He doesn't like the whole idea of plastic chairs.
So I think we are going to end up with these. I really like the tangerine color but I find myself being cautious and leaning toward the silver ones. What would you do?

I was really hoping Sutter would be born tomorrow on St. Patrick's Day but I don't think that is going to happen. I have absolutely no signs of labor. I am really done with this whole being pregnant thing.

I asked nicely.

Brighton is getting very frustrated with us because we aren't potty training her. For a kid who refuses to talk, she sure gets her point across. It is to the point where she comes and tells me every time she is peeing in her diaper. I really would love to potty train her but I can't take anything else on right this second but Jeremy is planning on starting as soon as Sutter is born. I am hoping since it is her idea she will be as easy to train as Eldon.

I wouldn't call myself overly girly because I prefer jeans and a t-shirt to dresses any day but I do love to paint my nails, put on make up, get my hair done, and wear pretty clothes. Bristol, she is obsessed with dresses and skirts. On days I make her wear shorts or pants you would think I was chopping of a limb. But sometimes, like days when you are going to be playing in the dirt all day long, it just calls for shorts or pants.

A few weeks back during one of my nesting kicks we reorganized all the saved kids clothes we have by gender and then size. I used the costco huggies boxes because they are perfect. Yesterday I needed to pull something out of one of the boxes and it was so nice to be able to open the box and find exactly what I was looking for. Side note, we still haven't washed the newborn clothes. I have a few gender neutral things washed but my plan is to just throw the newborn clothes in for which ever gender Sutter ends up being after he/she is born.

We were seriously blessed this evening. One of my friends organized a freezer meal train for after Sutter is born, which will be never. Between these meals and the meals I have been adding to my freezer each week, I wont have to cook for at least a month. Although, the chocolate chip cookies might not make it until after the birth, just saying.

Because I like cruel and unusual punishment, I decided to put the baby swing together yesterday. Just a reminder that I am still pregnant.

Okay, I am done being dramatic for now.

Have a wonderful Monday evening.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Instagram// Crazy Pregnant Lady

I have officially gone a little crazy.  Normal right?!  For me it is.  Those last few weeks of pregnancy make me insane.  I am doing fine and then one day a switch flips and I no longer want to be pregnant and all I can think about is being done.  In the past, it has signaled the finish line is quickly approaching, this time however, I am not so sure.  So please excuse the crazy, be thankful you are not Jeremy and being flooded with "I am so done" texts all day long.

In an effort to distract myself, I thought I would do a little instagram update...

We bought my car used 3 1/2 years ago when we moved here.   Living in the middle of no where means we have managed to put 40,000 miles on it.   But no worries, I feel we are just breaking her in.  I can say that since I am married to the car whisperer.

Lent Study// I am really enjoying this study.   Day #18 spoke to me.

Oh, cursive... I love you and I hate you.  I definitely hated you when I was learning you and my daughter has the same feelings, hopefully when she is older she will appreciate it as much as I do.  Our biggest struggle since switching to homeschooling has been cursive writing but now that she is getting the hang of it things are going a lot better and she loves showing off her name writing skills.

I have a lot of quirks.  Needing to have a clean windshield is one of them.   I cannot drive with dead bugs.

Brighton got her first hair cut last Friday, it was time to say goodbye to the baby mullet.  She made hilarious faces through the whole process.  This kid and her facial expressions crack me up.

I totally wore my slippers all day the other day.  That included preschool drop off, grocery shopping, a trip to home depot, eating out, you know all prefect slipper wearing activities.

These days when I stop moving, I immediately want to pass out.  Not the end of the world but impossible to do when 3 kids are running around.

We were enjoying looking at baby pictures of the kids the other night, hoping it would encourage Sutter to come out.

I love that it is that time of year when I can tell the kids to go outside.  It makes me happy and it keeps the inside clean longer.

I told you I have gone crazy.  At 10 pm Wednesday night I had Jeremy remove the lid to the washer so I could clean it better.   After I had already scrubbed the bathrooms till the sparkled.

Jeremy replaced my hard drive hoping it would fix my blue screen issue but I am still having issues.  Next up, the motherboard.   But it isn't even close to a priority and I am frustrated that it needs to be done.

Learning Calendar//A quick simple project that Bristol loves.

This Dove bar was my lunch the other day, don't judge.

2 weeks ago I bought beautiful tulips and the lasted all of 3 or 4 days.  A week ago I bought these beautiful orchids and thought for sure I would get maybe 5 days out of them max, a week later and they still look beautiful and show no signs of dying.

1 week before Eldon was born//1 month before Brighton was born//? Before Sutter

Everyone told me how small I am in this picture compared to my other pregnancies, lets just take a moment to reflect on the fact that I was still pregnant for another month with Brighton.  A whole month.   I forgot just how huge I got with her.  

I am pretty sure Bo is going to wake up from his winter sleep before Sutter makes his/her appearance in to the world.

Waistbands have become my enemy.  My lower abdomen is so sore these days.  I am not the biggest fan of dresses and skirts, jeans are my thing, but if I can relieve one less discomfort I am all about it.  

As frustrated as I am about still being pregnant, I am enjoying these last few days with Brighton as the baby.  She has been extra snuggly with me lately.   It has been wonderful.   

Pinterest keeps suggesting gray haired cuts for me.  I know I am probably at the older end of what is acceptable for having pink hair but does Pinterest really think I need gray hair already?

I needed another pedicure.  I know I just got one a few weeks ago but my feet are in a lot of pain these last few days.  I was also hoping it would put me into labor.   When I was 39 weeks and a few days with Brighton, I was sitting in the pedicure chair texting my mother in law saying I really didn't think tonight was the night so she should just go ahead with her plans... a few hours later Jeremy was insisting she come because I was in labor.    

Now onto the weekend... The windows are open, the fan is on, the sun is shinning and it  smells like spring which is so rare here in the desert.  I plan to enjoy it, maybe even go for a walk to the park this evening.   What are your plans for the weekend?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Monday, March 9, 2015

Baby #4//38 weeks

Top//Be Maternity Target
Jeans//Old distressed by me

I don't know how I feel writing this post this week.  I am having days were I am completely over pregnancy and then there are days when I pretty much forget that I am pregnant other than the whole kicking thing and not being able to bend forward thing.  There are also days where it depends on the hour, how I feel.  Today was one of those days.  I was so over the whole pregnancy thing this morning when I was achy and then mid afternoon I was fine.  Now I have crazy heartburn going on and I am really ready for it to be gone.    Some nights I am sleeping great and other nights I  barely sleep at all. Saturday I woke up dry heaving because of the stomach acid burning up my throat. I ended up sleeping on the couch for a few hours so I could sleep sitting up. I think it was the combination of eating a cinnamon crunch bagel and stress that did me in. Cinnamon isn't my friend right now.  So like I said, I don't know how I feel.   It really depends on when you ask me.

Not checking to see if I have made progress each week is strange. On one hand I really wish I knew if I was making any progress but on the other hand it is kind of nice to not know. It almost seems to be making these final weeks of pregnancy drag on.  If I make it to 39 week, which I sure I will be, I see myself breaking down and asking to be checked but then again if I make it to 39 weeks without any progress, I may go crazy.

These pants are about 3 sizes to big but really the only comfortable thing I own right now.  The saggy boyfriend look is in, right?

When I started working on this sign I wrote 28 weeks at first instead of 38 weeks.  Thank goodness that was just a slip and not the actual truth. 

Eldon really spoiled me with coming into the world at 38 weeks, I think he is my favorite child at the moment.  Kidding!  Okay maybe not.

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Today//5 1/2, 4, and 20 months

This was last Tuesday.  Tuesday's are rough days for us, Jeremy leaves the house at 6:30 am and doesn't get home until 9 pm.

5:00 -5:30//Time to wake up, shower and get ready for the day

6:00 - 6:30//Play barista for Jeremy. With him being gone as much as he is this school semester I try to get up with him every day to spend extra time with him.  I feel the a migraine starting.

6:30// My migraine is so bad I can't see out of my left eye, I decide it's best to try and get a few more minutes of sleep...20 minutes later and I am doing better.  Not 100% but at least I have 90% of my vision back and can manage to do things like cook and drive again

6:55// Finish getting ready for the day.  I am freezing this morning so I opt for shoes I can wear socks with.

7:15// I am actually waking Bristol up. This is rare.  Normally she is up before the rooster.

7:30// make it to the kitchen and realize that I turned on the espresso maker but forgot to turn on the pot of water for the oatmeal.  Which means we will be running late this morning. And since I am out of my freezer stash of waffles we have to wait for the oatmeal.

8:20//  I am shocked we are early for preschool drip off this morning, it felt like the kids were dragging the feet extra hard today. 5 minutes to spare means I get to drink my coffee and catch up on
blog reading.

8:30// Grocery shopping.  I try to go every Tuesday although I am sure that is going to change once Sutter is born.

9:30// Brighton goes down for her morning nap which is hit or miss these days.  She can't quite make it through to the afternoon on days I have to wake her up for school drop off but she is getting to the point where I can't count on this nap time anymore either.   I have pretty much phased it out on the weekends because she usually sleeps an extra hour in the mornings.

Bristol starts school work for the day, normally I get all of her school work together the day before but I didn't get this done on Monday, I pull it together while she is doing bible.

I start my chores.

10:30// I stop to eat my bagel and realize I haven't had my quiet time this morning. Afterwards I decide I don't feel like cleaning anymore so I play on the computer.

11:45//  We are back from picking Eldon up from preschool.  My carpet in the car is filthy and I can't take it anymore, which means I vacuum it out quickly.

Noon// Lunchtime

12:50// Back to school work. It is taking way longer than normal today.  On a typical day Bristol is usually finishing up her last video right when I put lunch on the table.

2:00// Bristol finally finished up school and I got the laundry and kitchen done while she was doing that.   The little 2 were off playing destroying the rest of the house.

2:00// It's finally nap time and it can't come soon enough, I am exhausted today.  I hear the kids playing in their rooms but I fall asleep anyways.  

4:15// Brighton finally fell asleep at 4 but we need to head out to see Jeremy so I get the pleasure of waking the beast. Yes, I do put pants on this child but the minute she gets in her crib she takes them off.
4:30// Decided to buy coffee instead of make it.  I needed a treat.

4:55-5:05// We hang out with Jeremy.  This is the only time the kids get to spend with him on Tuesdays.

5:30// Back home for dinner.  I am craving pancakes and eggs tonight.  Thankfully the kids are on board and don't even miss the hot dogs and macaroni and cheese they always request on non Jeremy nights. I throw on a little Dusty Crop Hopper to entertain the kids while I am cooking dinner.  I have become a big fan of the electronic babysitter on nights Jeremy has school.

6:00// I clean up the kitchen for the last time today while the kiddos pick up the rest of the house.   I told them if they got it done fast enough they could finish watching Dusty but instead they mess around and end up getting in trouble.

7:30// Bed time. The kids are in bed and I finish up the last few things I want to get done before bed.  Which means laundry and pulling all of Bristol's school work for tomorrow together.  

9:00// Jeremy is home!  He makes me my nightly smoothie and I fall asleep on the couch watching Property Brothers.

Midnight//  Jeremy is finally done with his homework for the night so it is off to bed for us.  That 5 am alarm comes a little to quick.  


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