Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Notes

 Bristol has a tude because Hilary is leaving.

I really want to raise baby chickens with the kids but I don't want them after they have hatched.   I think the kids would get a kick out of seeing how it works.

This weekend was a decent one.  Hilary came to visit us for the final time before she heads back to Italy in a few weeks. The kids loved having Daphne and Nathan here and I enjoyed getting to visit with my sister.

 Saturday we made the drive to see my Grandma and Aunt.   I figured I would be fine, boy was a I wrong.  I was confined to the couch all day yesterday because I was so uncomfortable.  I really thought the last time this happened it was because I did too much when we were out of town but apparently the long car rides is the problem.  Which is a major problem when you live 1 1/2 hours from civilization.     We are supposed to go to a memorial service on Saturday and then my nephew's birthday party on Sunday but Jeremy says we aren't making plans until we talk to the midwife at my appointment on Friday.  I may have scared him a little yesterday with just how miserable I was. 

Blogging has been a little on the sporadic side again.  My computer is crashing all the time, case in point, it took me all day to write this post.  I am also falling asleep at like 8 every night.  In fact Saturday when we got home I asked Jeremy if he would make me a smoothie, in the 5 minutes it took him, I passed out.  Him and Hilary kept waking me up to make me drink it.   We are also doing home school during the time I usually play on my computer in the morning. 
Has anyone seen Veggie Tale Celery Night Fever?  The Checkmarks song is totally my jam.  I love crossing things off my list and making list to begin with.  Sometimes I will write something on my to-do list that I have already completed just so I can cross it of.  I am crazy, I know.   

I am really enjoying homeschooling. I know we are only on our 2nd week but I am thoroughly enjoying it.  It is fun to watch her learn and grow.  I am amazed at how much she can read.

Random but I must share, I never bake brownies all the way, I love my brownies gooey. 

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