Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Baby #4//36 weeks and a baby nook

Top//Old Navy
Jeans//Wallflower via Thred UP
Earring//Nickle and Suede

One month till my due date!  Technically I am full term although I have to go at least one more week to deliver at home and the new magic number is 39 weeks. Normally I am getting a lot more antsy at this point. But am strangely calm unless you tell me I am huge then I see red.  All in all I am feeling great. I have my moments of uncomfortableness and then there are the braxton hicks that are quiet comfortable (eye roll) but for being 36 weeks pregnant with our 4th I am doing good. And that is a huge answer to prayer. Monday - Thursday I am a single parent, I couldn't imagine doing it with how crappy I felt all of Brighton's pregnancy. Jeremy makes comments about how surprised he is by how much I get done in a day and honestly so am I. But I am on a major nesting kick right now and even though I am still tired I am not to the point of exhaustion. And as much as I don't want to go over that 40 week mark I am not ready to do all of this on my own plus have a newborn.  Although as soon as I have this baby, it means Jeremy gets to take a few weeks off of work, not school, but at least he will be home during the day.

I am sure over the next 4 weeks my feelings will change and I will get impatient and ready to get Sutter out but for now I am enjoying these last 28 days of relative calm before the storm.

I realized this weekend that I soon get to wear real clothes again. Well at least I will get to wear my tops again I am sure I will be in my post baby jeans for a while to come.  Do you know how ridiculously happy this makes me?  I miss having more than 5 shirts to choose from.  And as much as I like form fitting tops that hug the bump, I am looking forward to my loose tops and lace.  I miss my stuff with lace.

Any guesses for when this baby will arrive? With Brighton I was convinced I would go early because I was so uncomfortable but I made it to 39.5 weeks. Bristol was born on her due date even though I was sure she would come on my birthday which would have been 4 days early and Eldon was born at 38 weeks, that was kind of a shock.   I honestly have no feelings about when this one will be born mostly because life is keeping me too busy to think about it. We can also take a little pole on if you this it is a boy or a girl!

But at least Sutter's corner is ready for when he or she makes their appearance...
Bassinet/Chair/Bassinet skirt, pillow, and blanket by me.  

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  1. You look so good, and the baby nook is to cute!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire


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