Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Baby #4// 35 weeks

Sweater//Old Navy
Top//Be Maternity Target

According to my phone I have 35 days left.  Lets just let that sink in for a few minutes... nope nothing will help it sink in.

I swear I own other clothes than this top and cardigan but they just happen to be what I am wearing on Tuesdays for pictures.    Today I was going for comfort while I put the house back in order after the holiday weekend.

I realized I probably look like I am wearing a unitard.  Not so much.  My white Be Maternity tank top happened to be dirty.

I could probably live on coconut right now, all things coconut are making me extremely happy.

I had my midwife appointment Friday.  Both Sutter and I look great. We are entering the waiting game phase of this pregnancy.

I am doing okay.  My hips get sore pretty easily and I am exhausted for a good portion of the day but thankfully I feel pretty decent otherwise.   My sleep has been so so, I ended up ordering another bottle of Good Night essential oil.  Hopefully it gets here in the next few days.

We finally started getting ready for Sutter.   I ordered the fabric for the bedding, a bassinet, and all the other little things we needed like diapers.   I am really excited to start sewing but first I need to get my serger fixed.

That is my birth kit.  Yes it arrived.  And I have started putting my box together for all the other supplies that the midwife will need.   This could happen in as quick as 2 weeks or I could go the full 5.   Either way, I am getting super excited.

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