Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Baby #4// 33 Weeks

 Kimono// Me
Tank// BeMaternity
Jeans//Wallflower via Thred Up
Shoes//Jessica Simpson

Silly but the truth, tonight I mourn my kindle.  I was sitting in the bathroom reading while Brighton was playing in the tub and all of the sudden, she pooped in the tub.  In the chaos to get her out, my kindle ended up taking a swim.   This is a sad day.  Jeremy put it in rice to see if it can be revived.

Now on to baby stuff....

We had our 32 week check up Friday, its still hard to believe that I am this far along in my pregnancy already.  The baby's heartbeat was strong and I am looking good, although Sutter is sitting very low.  Like in position to come out low.    I have carried this baby low the whole time so it isn't really any surprise to me that he/she is already in position.  I could tell he/she had gotten lower because bending forward has pretty much become impossible and I never really feel movement above my belly button.  She told me I should probably expect hip discomfort as my hips expanded to accommodate the baby's head.  They must of expanded a lot on Saturday and Sunday, the best way I can explain it is my hips ached.  I have never felt this with one of my pregnancies before.  Of course Brighton didn't move into position until about 5 minutes before she made her entrance into the world and I was happily in epidural sleep heaven with Bristol and Eldon when they descended.

We have our second Bradley method class this weekend and I am looking forward to it.  Hopefully not too many more.

I think that is it.  If you need me you can find me on the couch with my tums.

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  1. Look at YOU! You look amazing! I hope your Kindle survives!


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