Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Baby #4//36 weeks and a baby nook

Top//Old Navy
Jeans//Wallflower via Thred UP
Earring//Nickle and Suede

One month till my due date!  Technically I am full term although I have to go at least one more week to deliver at home and the new magic number is 39 weeks. Normally I am getting a lot more antsy at this point. But am strangely calm unless you tell me I am huge then I see red.  All in all I am feeling great. I have my moments of uncomfortableness and then there are the braxton hicks that are quiet comfortable (eye roll) but for being 36 weeks pregnant with our 4th I am doing good. And that is a huge answer to prayer. Monday - Thursday I am a single parent, I couldn't imagine doing it with how crappy I felt all of Brighton's pregnancy. Jeremy makes comments about how surprised he is by how much I get done in a day and honestly so am I. But I am on a major nesting kick right now and even though I am still tired I am not to the point of exhaustion. And as much as I don't want to go over that 40 week mark I am not ready to do all of this on my own plus have a newborn.  Although as soon as I have this baby, it means Jeremy gets to take a few weeks off of work, not school, but at least he will be home during the day.

I am sure over the next 4 weeks my feelings will change and I will get impatient and ready to get Sutter out but for now I am enjoying these last 28 days of relative calm before the storm.

I realized this weekend that I soon get to wear real clothes again. Well at least I will get to wear my tops again I am sure I will be in my post baby jeans for a while to come.  Do you know how ridiculously happy this makes me?  I miss having more than 5 shirts to choose from.  And as much as I like form fitting tops that hug the bump, I am looking forward to my loose tops and lace.  I miss my stuff with lace.

Any guesses for when this baby will arrive? With Brighton I was convinced I would go early because I was so uncomfortable but I made it to 39.5 weeks. Bristol was born on her due date even though I was sure she would come on my birthday which would have been 4 days early and Eldon was born at 38 weeks, that was kind of a shock.   I honestly have no feelings about when this one will be born mostly because life is keeping me too busy to think about it. We can also take a little pole on if you this it is a boy or a girl!

But at least Sutter's corner is ready for when he or she makes their appearance...
Bassinet/Chair/Bassinet skirt, pillow, and blanket by me.  

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A sewing filled weekend

I have been dreading this 10 day stretch for a while now. Jeremy left Wednesday night for drill and doesn't get back until very late tonight. And even though he will be back tonight between work and school the kids will get to spend about 3 hours with him this week. Wednesday during my quiet time I was going over one of the verses I plan to us for labor.... 

But Jesus spoke to them at once. "Don't be afraid," he said. "Take courage. I am here" 
Matthew 14:27

God knew that I was going to be on my own this weekend. He knew these 10 days were going to be long and He provided.  It wasn't easy but it also wasn't as bad as it has been in the past. Sure the dog decided that the laundry room was the perfect spot for an giant all over the place accident and Brighton is teething so she pretty much has the same issue going on but thankfully it is contained by a diaper most of the time. And I needed to go to Joann's but thankfully my ice cream bribe made that not horrible but there were also some wonderful moments. Like a play date Friday and great friends inviting me over for dinner and telling me they would take care of the whole meal, which was delicious and Bristol being a huge help.  Seriously that girl has been awesome lately.  Sure I woke up Thursday morning to her helping herself to my chocolate stash but otherwise she helped out all weekend.  Anytime Brighton needed something that I couldn't get, Bristol helped out. I love that she is maturing.  Brighton and Eldon were pretty well behaved this weekend.
God definitely provided for me this weekend.  He gave me enough energy to get a ton of sewing done, a few more items checked off my purging list, and well behaved kiddos that I thoroughly enjoyed.  

Sutter's first outfits.   Since we don't know if we are having a boy or a girl, I made head wear options for both.  How do we decide on which one to use first?

The bumpers came out perfect.  Seriously, I am in love!   I'm kind of bummed that we don't have the crib set up to so I can see all this bedding put together.

 I found this picture of Jeremy and I in a box I was trying to purge.  Next month marks 10 years since we started dating and I still really like this guy.   I want to find the digital copy so I can blow it up for the wall.

How is she old enough to read?  Craziness.  I have seen a huge leap in her reading abilities since we started homeschooling.  Which I do plan to write a post about if I can ever get one of the 5 drafts I have saved to convey my feelings properly.  

Now to survive the last 4 days of this crazy period and then we get 3 whole days of Jeremy.  What will we do with ourselves?  Have I mentioned how much I am looking forward to the end of the semester?

How was your weekend?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Baby #4// 35 weeks

Sweater//Old Navy
Top//Be Maternity Target

According to my phone I have 35 days left.  Lets just let that sink in for a few minutes... nope nothing will help it sink in.

I swear I own other clothes than this top and cardigan but they just happen to be what I am wearing on Tuesdays for pictures.    Today I was going for comfort while I put the house back in order after the holiday weekend.

I realized I probably look like I am wearing a unitard.  Not so much.  My white Be Maternity tank top happened to be dirty.

I could probably live on coconut right now, all things coconut are making me extremely happy.

I had my midwife appointment Friday.  Both Sutter and I look great. We are entering the waiting game phase of this pregnancy.

I am doing okay.  My hips get sore pretty easily and I am exhausted for a good portion of the day but thankfully I feel pretty decent otherwise.   My sleep has been so so, I ended up ordering another bottle of Good Night essential oil.  Hopefully it gets here in the next few days.

We finally started getting ready for Sutter.   I ordered the fabric for the bedding, a bassinet, and all the other little things we needed like diapers.   I am really excited to start sewing but first I need to get my serger fixed.

That is my birth kit.  Yes it arrived.  And I have started putting my box together for all the other supplies that the midwife will need.   This could happen in as quick as 2 weeks or I could go the full 5.   Either way, I am getting super excited.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

A Holiday Weekend

Boy or Girl?  Which one will get to use?

We got Jeremy to ourselves for 4 whole days! It was wonderful but very busy. On Friday we met with the midwife and she let us know that after this weekend she wanted me to restrict my travel and she only wanted me to go so far this weekend.   One of my grandmother's passed away a few weeks ago and her service was this weekend but the midwife felt it was best I didn't go. We would have had to make the drive both ways in one day due to other commitments and being that it is a 4 hours drive each way she didn't think I would be able to handle it. She was very much right. I lasted about all of 30 minutes in the car each time this weekend which made the other hour miserable. I was sad that I couldn't make it but thankful my mom understood. But we still had to leave town since I had been putting off shopping for Sutter. We really didn't need a lot but it was all the little things like breastfeeding pads and milk bags and diapers. Plus one or 2 big things like dressers. Seriously we have needed dressers for the kids forever but I have managed to make due with what we had.... adding another kiddos laundry to what we had going wasn't going to work.
Everyone says Ikea furniture is a pain to put together... I have done a couch, chair, stools, cart, and storage cubes and never found that to be true. But their dressers, they were the death of me,  what I thought would take maybe an hour per dresser ended up taking all day. Thankfully we got them done before the kiddos went to bed so Jeremy could move them in to their rooms. I will worry about organizing them tomorrow.  But even though they were time consuming they are totally worth it. I don't know what I am going to do with all the storage space.

And now my house is a complete disaster. Taking a day off from cleaning is never a good thing. It looks like I will be pretty busy tomorrow while we try to get back into the swing of things. Maybe I should get a head start on the couch this evening.

How was your holiday weekend?

Friday, February 13, 2015

Instagram// A lengthy update

It was a rough beginning of the week for me. I was in a major funk and just couldn't get out of it. I was feeling super stressed and being pulled a million different ways.  I was also pretty uncomfortable all week. Thankfully yesterday I woke up in a much better mood. The stress was gone and I finally had a desire to start getting ready for Sutter. Just the thought of making lists was stressing out which is so weird since I thrive on lists. I got my house cleaned from top to bottom which always makes me insanely happy.  Then I gave the kids glitter.  I am a genius.  

I was flying high on my good day only to have it knocked out by a night of absolutely no sleep on my part, which meant my body didn't get the rest it needed and I am once again uncomfortable.  Hopefully I make it through today. Jeremy is home for the next 4 days to help out. 

It has been a while since I have done a Instagram update. I thought it would be fun today.

1//Brighton insisted on sitting at the table like a big kid.  It didn't last long, she kept getting up to play.  Eldon felt honored that she was sitting next to him.
2//I love his snuggles.  These moments are getting rarer by the day, I take them when I can get them.
3// Daddy and Eldon watching Mighty Machines.   I may even enjoy this show.
4//Long sleeves, shorts, and rain boots in February. Only in California can you wear this outfit in the middle of February and worry about your child being too hot. 

1//We have had a lot of rain this winter (for the desert) which means our backyard has pretty much been one giant puddle.  Brighton loves to go outside and play with the big kids but they don't do a very good job of making sure she stays out of the mud.  She wasn't very happy I was taking her picture or about the bath that followed.
2// We went out to dinner with only 1 kid in tow, date night?   We were eating Mexican and she was eating the salsa straight up.  Which led to a major temper tanturm when we took it away.  
3//Jeremy as a little kid compared to his mini me Brighton.    A lot of people comment that she looks like me but I think she is a spitting image of her daddy, crazy hair and all.
4//She is always in some kind of weird sleep position and insists on having every baby doll in her crib.

1//Jeremy has been sick for like 3 weeks now.  I finally made him take a day off work and head to the doctor.  And yes I had too make him.  He has taken maybe 5 sick days in the 10 years we have been together.   Brighton thought her snuggles were the best medicine for him, she laid with him for a good part of the day.  The medicine and rest did the trick because he is a lot better today.
2//She is going to be such a good big sister when Sutter arrives.   Anytime I went to hold my nephew during their visit she would get a pillow and climb up on the couch next to me letting me know it was her turn.  
3//How did she get so big?   
4//She woke up super early from her nap one day.  In the 5 seconds it took me to walk from her room to the couch she passed back out on my shoulder and slept for another 20 minutes.   Teething is hard work.

1//Bristol is really enjoying home schooling probably because it involves crafts and play dough
2//Bristol's lunch creation.   I do not consider a salad a meal but Bristol and Jeremy think it is the best type of meal.
3//I love watching their relationship develop
4//The rain has been such a blessing.   We all have loved it.

1//My last day of 1&2 Peter.
2//Labor Scripture
3//Working on memorizing the 4 verses I have picked for labor.
4//Coffee.   Need I say more?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Baby #4// 34 weeks and a non birth, birth plan

Cardigan//Old Navy
Top//Be Maternity Target
Jeans//WallFlower via Thred Up

6 weeks... or 5 weeks... or 4 weeks... or 3 weeks... I don't know if I can handle the 3 or 4 week possibility.  Maybe we should buy the few things we need; like diapers. 

When I bought these boots Jeremy was like "really!?" and I was like "yes".  I love them, although Brighton tries to grab a hold of the tassels when I walk.  And yes, this is basically the same outfit I wore last week, just a different cover-up. This and the white version of this top are the only 2 shirts that I feel cover my belly really well.

We don't celebrate Valentine's day so this is as festive as the chalkboard will get for this non-holiday.  I should have done a President's day theme. 

Attempting to take these pictures while it is crazy windy outside made for super glamorous shots.

I mentioned a few weeks back that I have never had a birth plan because if I had a plan, in my head that is how it must go and the minute things change it will stress me out and I will feel out of control. So with birth we have always gone into it with a "whatever happens, happens" type mindset. And it worked really well the first 2 times and the 3rd time it was the incompetence in the hospital that caused everything to go wrong. This time, since we are doing a home birth, there is a little more planning going on. I need to have an idea of how we are going to approach the pain because I have always relied on the epidural as my first line of pain management. We are doing Bradley method because that is what is offered. As I have been praying about it, God keeps telling me I need to have a few verses memorized for the hard parts. I am really lucky in that 2 out of the 3 of my labors have been 2 and 4 hours long. But this time with no pain relief, I have no clue how long my body will take it. So scripture memory. I am horrible at memorizing things. I try but I always fail. I couldn't tell you the lyrics to Let It Go even though I hear my daughter sing it a 1000 times a days. But I am trying and I am doing pretty well so far. I have these 4 verses picked out and an idea of what they mean to me

But Jesus spoke to them, "Don't be afraid," he said, "Take courage.  I am here!"
Matthew 14:27

Jesus is going to be there for every step of this. When I get exhausted, during the intense pain, through it all. He will be there and I can lean on Him.  He has blessed me with an amazing husband an a wonderful birth team for this birth. 

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength
Philippians 4:13

He will give me the strength.  I can do this with His strength.

You will keep in perfect peace
 all who trust in you,
all who fix their thoughts on you!
Isaiah 26:2

Probably my favorite verse of them all. I love the idea of perfect peace. In fact my Bradley teacher wants me to have a word to remind me to relax when I am tensing up and I am thinking our word will instead be a phrase... perfect peace. If I fix my thoughts on Him and whole heartily trust Him to get me through this He has promised to give me His perfect peace. And God always keeps His promises

The Lord gives His people strength.  
He blesses them with peace.
Psalm 29:11

He blesses them with peace. I love that image. He will bless me with peace.

I also want to say I see nothing wrong with the hospital or the epidural. They are a beautiful thing. My first 2 experiences were amazing and peaceful and calm. My epidural worked perfectly, I trusted my doctor and nurses to take care of everything and they did.  If I thought I could have that experience again I would probably take that route, although, I am not sure.  Now that we are in the midst of prepping for doing this at home and all natural I am really set on it.  I am looking forward to it as crazy as that sounds.

Now I will leave you with the last of my comparison photos.  This is the last belly shot I have of Bristol's pregnancy.  I didn't document it. 

Do you see how little Eldon is in that picture?  It is crazy. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Notes

 Bristol has a tude because Hilary is leaving.

I really want to raise baby chickens with the kids but I don't want them after they have hatched.   I think the kids would get a kick out of seeing how it works.

This weekend was a decent one.  Hilary came to visit us for the final time before she heads back to Italy in a few weeks. The kids loved having Daphne and Nathan here and I enjoyed getting to visit with my sister.

 Saturday we made the drive to see my Grandma and Aunt.   I figured I would be fine, boy was a I wrong.  I was confined to the couch all day yesterday because I was so uncomfortable.  I really thought the last time this happened it was because I did too much when we were out of town but apparently the long car rides is the problem.  Which is a major problem when you live 1 1/2 hours from civilization.     We are supposed to go to a memorial service on Saturday and then my nephew's birthday party on Sunday but Jeremy says we aren't making plans until we talk to the midwife at my appointment on Friday.  I may have scared him a little yesterday with just how miserable I was. 

Blogging has been a little on the sporadic side again.  My computer is crashing all the time, case in point, it took me all day to write this post.  I am also falling asleep at like 8 every night.  In fact Saturday when we got home I asked Jeremy if he would make me a smoothie, in the 5 minutes it took him, I passed out.  Him and Hilary kept waking me up to make me drink it.   We are also doing home school during the time I usually play on my computer in the morning. 
Has anyone seen Veggie Tale Celery Night Fever?  The Checkmarks song is totally my jam.  I love crossing things off my list and making list to begin with.  Sometimes I will write something on my to-do list that I have already completed just so I can cross it of.  I am crazy, I know.   

I am really enjoying homeschooling. I know we are only on our 2nd week but I am thoroughly enjoying it.  It is fun to watch her learn and grow.  I am amazed at how much she can read.

Random but I must share, I never bake brownies all the way, I love my brownies gooey. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

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