Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Today//5, 4, and 18 months

6:10am...Ugh... I am late waking up. Thankfully Jeremy texted me or who knows how late I would have slept. Usually I get up at 5 with him but this morning he went to the gym before work so he was up at 4. I remember my alarm going off and then I reset it for 5:45 but I just checked and I never hit set. Whoops. Time to jump in the shower. Thankfully my hair doesn't need washing which means I shouldn't be too late starting my morning.

One nice thing about my closet, I only buy stuff that doesn't require a whole lot of thought. Today I go with my favorite maternity tank top, leggings from Costco, and a denim shirt from Jeremy's side of the closet that I have claimed as my own. Add a cute pair of earrings and I don't feel so homely. Perfect outfit for a day of scrubbing the house and taxi driving. Before we walk out the door I will take off my slippers...maybe.  one day I may buy a full sized mirror... one day...

6:49am... I make it out to the kitchen, time to start my tea and breakfast before I go get the kids read for the day, Bristol has been up and playing in her room since I woke up and I have been hearing Brighton yell "Eldon" every couple of minutes since I got out of the shower.  Last night I made up my waffle batter so all I need to do this morning is turn on the waffle iron and cook a few up.

We finally make it out to the car by 7:47am which is a little later than I like but at least we will still be on time for school. I make Bristol do drop off this morning because I don't feel like carrying Brighton all the way in and out of the school. We get to Eldon's school at 8:07am which means we get to hang out in the car until I can drop him off at 8:25am.

8:40am... We are home and it is time for me to do my quiet time.  I finished up my bible study on 1&2 Peter yesterday, today I am going to start Hosea.  The description and 1st lesson lead me to believe this is going to be a hard but powerful study. After I finish my study, I hang out with Brighton and drink my tea.

9:30am... I put Brighton down for her morning nap and start working on my to do list.  I don't know how I am going to clean when she gives up her morning nap.

I take a 5 minute break around 1030 to eat. Not because I am hungry but because I know I should. I also finish off my tea. Only an 1 1/2 hours till coffee time.

11:10am... my alarm is going off telling it's time to go pick up Eldon. Brighton has been up for a few minutes letting me know she would like it if I would come get her. I got quite a bit done on my to do list.... the kitchen, bathrooms, the living room picked up and I finished stripping the couch and chairs so I could throw the covers in the wash.

12:30pm... I vacuumed up the living room as soon as we got home before Eldon could drag out all his toys. We are sitting down for lunch and COFFEE. It is much needed. I sit down for every meal with the kids. It has never crossed my mind to not eat at the same time as them.

1:30pm... I dragged out my latte as long as I could but if I want to get the rest of the house mopped and vacuumed before I pick up Bristol I need to do it. Exhaustion has set in.

2:15... 15 minutes before I leave to pick up Bristol. Today has been crazy busy. I have been running my washer non stop. Thankfully it is nicer outside which means I can hang the couch covers on the line instead of dry them.  Brighton is super fussy. She is having a hard time with Jeremy being back at work and school 4 nights a week. Thankfully we only have to last a little under 3 hours till he comes home for a quick dinner before heading back out the door.

3:10... We are back home from picking Bristol up and the kids are down for their naps/quiet time.  Mommy finally gets to relax.  A little reading and Gilmore Girls is on my to do list.  Maybe a few pieces of Dove milk chocolate.

4:45... Jeremy is home, Bristol wakes up and I start dinner.  I have him wake the little 2 up so they can spend a few precious minutes with him

5:25... We are sitting down for dinner.   

6:20... Jeremy leaves for school and I get to cleaning up the kitchen from our dinner.

7:08... I made it.  It wasn't an easy night. We have had a rough ones lately. That last hour between dinner and bedtime is hard for me. Normally Jeremy takes over but he is at school, we are all still adjusting too that.  We miss daddy when he isn't home.  I am going to work on this post, figure out how to pay to renew my domain, organize my pictures for the week and enjoy a little more Gilmore Girl's on Netflix.

9:00... Jeremy is home from school which means I can go to sleep.

I just looked to see when I last did a day in the life post and it was a year ago today. Checkout how small Brighton was.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your day.I love posts like these. Sounds like you had a very exhausting day !


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