Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Night Ramblings

We have been wrestling with pulling Fuss out of school mid year.  It hasn't been a very good fit for us.   There have been a few behavioral issues and while they may seem minor to some they have caused a great deal of stress on Jeremy and I's part.   After a lot of praying and discussing and researching I think we are going to do it.  I feel like God is calling us to do this.   I am scared I am making a a hasty decision but I feel like leaving her in school would be even worse.   Hopefully trying to homeschool her when we are 9 short weeks away from welcoming Sutter into the world wont be a mistake. 

I am loving this little rainy season we are having here in the desert.   I think it has rained more this "winter" than it has in the 3 1/2 years we have lived here.  I love the rain, I would be perfectly happy living somewhere where it rained all the day long. 

Tomorrow Brighton will be 18 months old and Eldon will be 4 on Saturday.   HOW!?  Eldon's birthday snuck up on me and I just realized today that tomorrow is the 12th.  Jeremy will be happy to learn that Eldon's birthday meal request is Lasagna.   Hopefully by Saturday that will sound appealing to me if not I guess it will be another omelet for dinner.

I have been soaking up natural birth stories this weekend while Jeremy is out of town.  I have read every blog post I can find on home births and even some on birth center births.  I am getting both excited and nervous.     

I hate wearing my glasses but living here in the desert leaves my eyes terribly dry which results in me wearing my glasses at least 2 or 3 days a week instead of living in my contacts.  I am quickly realizing it is time to replace them.  Have I mentioned how much I hate shopping for new glasses?

I am not positive but I am pretty sure the kids are more excited about Bo coming out of hibernation than they are Sutter being born.  They have been asking since he started hibernating back in November when he would wake up, I keep saying around the time Sutter is born.   So now they ask if its time for Sutter to come out so Bo will wake up.  He is one loved little tortoise.

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  1. What a big decision! Definitely follow God's direction, He'll take care of the details! :)


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