Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Baby #4 // 29 weeks

Shoes//Jessica Simpson
Necklace//Gift made by my Mother In Law

Boy or girl?  That is the question on my mind.  I am going to feel really bad if this baby comes out the opposite of what I think it is.  With Brighton, I was 99% she was a girl.  Even when I thought about the baby it was always associated with her being a girl.  I was right but still.  This time around I find myself once again assigning a gender to the baby in my head.   Although I can't say I am 99% sure this time.  More like 80%.  It will be interesting to see if I am right. 11 more weeks.

When I was in Marshall's on New Years someone asked me if it was my first. Which honestly is a question I have come to dread. I giggled slightly and said "no its number 4" her response shocked me!  She said " that's a good start. I have 5 boys and 5 girls!" I have to say that is the first time a stranger has said something positive about the number of kids we have. Usually they ask/tell me we are done "so this is your last, right?"

Even though I have been so uncomfortable I am enjoying this pregnancy. I am enjoying the last few months of Brighton being the baby. I am enjoying Sutter's crazy activeness.We hit a really nice grove over Christmas break.  I wrote this paragraph a few days ago.  I have actually been feeling a lot better and I am sleeping so much better since I started diffusing Good Night blend.   While I still get a lot of pain if I carry Brighton too much, it does seem to be getting better. 

My eyelashes have all the sudden gone bye bye.  While they haven't every been crazy full they have always been decent and pretty good length.  Right now you can't even tell when I put on mascara.   I am hoping this is just a pregnancy thing and they will start growing again after Sutter is born.  Any one else experience eyelash loss?

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  1. haha 10 kids!?!?! That is amazing. I am one of four and my mom said she always got comments like "are you done yet?" and stuff like that, but I don't think she ever ran into a stranger with 10 kids! Also, you look amazing. So fit and you're glowing!

  2. I love hearing you refer to your little one by name! So fun! You seriously make me want to try for #4!
    I'm super curious which gender you are leaning towards.... :)


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