Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Baby #4 // 32 Weeks

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Week 32.  This is going a little fast.  I don't know if it was because of Jeremy being laid off for 6 weeks or just because we are usually so busy from September to March but this is just craziness how fast March is sneaking up on me.  I am sure the next 4 weeks will go by super fast as well and then I will get to 36 weeks and time will stand still like it usually does.  

I had a minor scare last week.  I think I mentioned it before but my midwife doesn't make you do the wonderful glucose drink for gestational diabetes testing.  Instead she offers you the option of not testing at all, doing the glucose drink, or you can do 7 finger pricks over 3 days.  I did the 7 finger prick option.  It isn't that I have anything against the glucose drink but with the big 2 I was given the drink at one appointment and told to drink it on the way to my next appointment.  I had to tell them when I drank it and then they drew my blood an hour later.  Easy.  Here they wont give you the drink, they expect you to go sit at the hospital for an hour. Yeah, that sounded like something I was willing to do with a Brighton.   Anyways, one of my finger pricks came back super high and just to be on the safe side the midwife asked if I would go get a follow up test.  Still no glucose drink, instead she ordered an A1C, which I guess looks at your cells over the past 3 months to see how they are handling sugar.  My test came back perfect.   PRAISE THE LORD.    Gestational diabetes would have meant having to transfer to an OB and delivering in the hospital which wouldn't have been the end of the world, but would have meant a trip out of town because I refuse to use the hospital and OB's here unless it is an emergency.  

Bowling when 32 weeks pregnant with a torn pelvic muscle, not my smartest idea but I beat my sister so the pain was worth it.  Although when I could still barely walk Monday, my victory wasn't as sweet.   We wont mention that I came in 3rd place out of 4, or that I think Bristol had a higher score than me on the kiddy lane.  

We yet again had another instance of someone telling us "oh #4, you are done having kids, right?" I am convinced if Sutter comes out a girl the new question will be "so when are you going to try for another boy?"  Most days it doesn't bother me but I am getting to the point where I am sick of hearing about the size of our family. So what if we want to have 4 kids or 12 kids for that matter when did it become okay for people to comment on it. Your not the one feeding them, clothing them, or heck trying to stay sane for 12 hours. I don't know if it is because I am getting to the later stages of my pregnancy but it is really bothering me and I am likely to chew out the next person who let's me know how inappropriate they feel it is to have 4 kids. When did a human life become a bad thing? 

I have my 32 week check up Friday.  This time next month I will be down to weekly visits.... how is this possible?   But it means we are getting closer to holding Sutter who still doesn't have a middle name if she comes out a girl.

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