Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Baby #4// 31 weeks

Sweater//Old Navy
Top//H&M Maternity
Jeans//WallFlower via Thred Up
Shoes//Jessica Simpson

This is my new favorite outfit to wear.  I said it last time I wore it but a year ago I would have never mixed black and camel together now I do it every chance I get.  

The transition from 3 to 4 isn't scaring me quiet as much as it did from 2 to 3. When I was pregnant with Brighton I was really concerned how Eldon would handle adding another kiddo to the lot. He was such a mama's boy and I didn't want him to feel replaced. But Brighton came and Eldon handled it with his laid back coolness that he does every new situation. Brighton, well she is a wild card. I hope she handles it well but I don't have much hope for it so I am just expecting the worst. Positivity people, that's what I am all about.

Birth class. I was a bit nervous about this and I was afraid I was going to be a little disturbed by it. I know I am in the minority but I don't think labor is a beautiful thing. I think it's gross, exhausting, and unpredictable but the baby at the end makes it all worth it. So the thought of having to listen to a whole class on the beauty of birth was the last thing I wanted to do. But it wasn't like that at all. Our Bradley teacher also happens to be our midwife birth assistant. So we see her every time we see the midwife. We are doing private lessons with her since this is our 4th time around and we don't need the whole "this is birth" part of the class.  I am feeling so at peace with our decision to do this home birth.  I know it isn't going to be easy but the lack of having to stress about if my doctor and nurses are competent will make this a much better experience than Brighton's birth.  

Fact, I have never had a birth plan.   I know me, if I get something stuck in my head on how it is going to work, I freak out the minute something gets off schedule.   For me to be able to relax during labor and let the baby do its thing, I have to give up control.  It worked so well with Bristol and Eldon, I slept through the labor.   Other than having a home birth, hopefully in water, I am going with the flow.  I have complete trust in my midwife, birth assistant, and Jeremy to take care of me, to guide me, and to help me through the rough parts.   But even more than that, God knows my fears about going back to the local hospital, even if the worst happens I have complete trust in Him to get me through it.

And now a little comparison of all 4 kids at 31 weeks.  I certainly think I am the "smallest" this time around looking at these pictures but I am definitely not feeling "small"


  1. Savannah, I think you are looking great! It might just be my perception, but to me you look like you are carrying Sutter lower than the other three ! I'm excited and curious about your home birth! I've never known anyone who has had one ... Keep us posted, I enjoy reading your blog! Barbara Julie's mom, Mike's sister!

    1. I am carrying pretty low this time around! Thank you


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