Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Weekend Full of Family

We had the best weekend.  I loved it. Beautiful sun shining weather. A great birthday for Mr. Eldon My sister and her family are in California visiting from Italy for a few weeks and this week was my turn to see her.

This was our first time meeting Nathan since he entered the world in late September.   We were all a little excited to see him.   I figured I would be fighting Bristol for time with him but it was Brighton who insisted on holding him every time I had him.

We were excited to see Daphne again as well but for whatever reason I didn't take pictures of that. 

We did a little bowling Friday night.  I am sure everyone got a kick out of watching my 8 month pregnant self try to bowl.

Aren't Brighton's little bowling shoes the cutest thing ever?

See there is Daphne! 

Today we were on our own and took advantage of the beautiful 70 degree weather and hit up the park.  

A little sister love.  These 2 are getting along really well lately well except for when Brighton is yelling "No" at Bristol.

I was slightly jealous of Blondie, she got to stay in bed all morning.

Like I said, it was the perfect weekend.  Which we need to get us through this crazy busy week!  

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