Monday, December 8, 2014

Our weekend

This weekend was a hard one.   Jeremy was supposed to have Friday through Sunday off but ended up working over time Friday and Saturday.  The kids were missing him, I was missing him, and not to mention the black plague that has settled on my house.  

After he got home Friday we pretty much had to rush out the door for his work Christmas Party.
My idea of casual.   I was actually surprised that I wasn't all the overly dressed.  Normally I am way overdressed.  It is probably because Jeremy works with a lot of older gentleman and their dress code is a whole lot different than peoples in their twenties.

Saturday me and the kiddos just hung around the house.  We were all grumpy so it was best not to share that with anyone.

Thankfully he was home Sunday but I wasn't feeling all that great again.  I have the head cold that wont leave.    I am now throwing apple cider vinegar at it which is disgusting but seems to be helping.

Sunday ended on a horrible note.  I went to let the doggies in and found that Blondie had run away.  One of the boards on the neighbors side of the fence came down and being the wander that she is, she took off.   I am hoping that we have luck finding her but this is the first time she has ever gotten out over night.   For such a lazy dog she sure does love to run.   I am pretty upset about it as I have had her for 10 years but Bristol is devastated.  Blondie is her pal.  She sleeps with her every night.   This morning when she came in our room to ask why we didn't put her in there, it was hard.  I hated having to explain that she ran away and there isn't much hope for finding her.

So here I sit typing this, constantly looking toward the back door hoping and praying that her little face will be there.  Hopefully she comes home, if not, I hope the people who found her take good care of her.

***update we found her a few hours after I wrote this post.  

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  1. Sorry about the bad weekend, bad cold, bad grumps, and Blondie taking off! If you want to get her chipped, and the cost is prohibitive, Mom and I will help. She's getting too old to go wandering! Hope this weekend is better! I love you.


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