Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday Randomness

I am thankful Eldon's birthday is in a few weeks, Jeremy will be making cinnamon rolls for us again. Holidays and birthdays are great for keeping them in moderation but horrible for my pregnancy cravings.

Jeremy bought Brighton "Where's Spot?" for Christmas. She loves it and insists on reading it at least a thousand times a day. When she lifts the flaps to look for Spot she yells "noooooo" at the top of her lungs. So so cute. I am sure the cuteness will wear off quick.

Speaking of Brighton, we are at my most favorite age for the kiddos so far.  I love 14ish months till the terrible 2's set in.   I love their little faces when they finally figure something out that they have been trying to get for days or week.  I love the party we have every time they do something right.   Brighton thinks we should give her a standing ovation when she picks up a toy.  I love the excitement they have at seeing mommy and daddy.  The cute little sounds they make.  This truly is my favorite age so far.

I don't want to take down the rest of my Christmas decorations because I worked so hard on making them this year but I am ready for order to be restored to my house. I also really don't want to say good bye to our reindeer. Maybe I should come up with some kind of winter mantel.  But my creative juices have up and left me so that probably wont happen. 

The only time I regret getting a white couch is when the kids "help" Jeremy in the garage. Brighton loves to come in covered head to toe in grease and dirt.  She runs right for the couch.... EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  

Eldon's bed broke. Which is more annoying than anything.  Jeremy can fix it but we aren't sure it will hold up to a wild and crazy boy, we still need it for the baby. We have had plans to build him a new one for quite a while but stuff just keeps coming up. 

I am considering trying to do a 365 project again. I have gotten so horrible about taking pictures of the kids lately that I feel like I need to do something just so I will have a few pictures of the kiddos.  

Maybe you were expecting a little Christmas recap, maybe you will get it sometime around June.  I was actually thinking of posting the pictures of Brighton and Eldon's room this week that I took back when she was oh 5 or 6 months old.  She is only 17 months old now.  

I think that is is for now.  This was a lot of nothing thrown up with a few cute pictures of the kiddos.

Have a wonderful Monday.

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