Wednesday, December 31, 2014

kind of New Years Resolution for 2015

She Reads Truth bible study

I really don't have a resolution this year.  My goal on the other hand is to trust in God more.   These last few weeks have been rough and it has required our complete dependance on God but they have also been so freeing.  He is taking such good care of us.   It has been nice that when things start stressing me out I can just give it to Him and know that He will provide.  And while I would love for some of the unanswered questions to be answered, I am enjoying just waiting.  Waiting to hear exactly what God wants us to do.   Because of the circumstances of what is going on, we know this is from God.    I told Jeremy last night that I am thankful He is putting us through this trial.   It means He is refining us and is using this for His glory.   I am also very thankful that I am remembering to praise Him during the difficult times.  Usually I am just leaning so heavy on Him to help me survive that I forget the whole praise part.   

With everything that is going on, I feel this will be a year of a lot of change for our family.  By trusting in Him, it will still be scary and stressful at times but He will never give me more than I can handle with His help.  I fully believe God gives me more than I can handle by myself because I was never meant to go through this life on my own.  I am made to depend on Him.   So that is my goal for 2015.... Trust in Him through it all because yes it is going to be more than Jeremy and I can handle at times but it is never going to be more than Jeremy and I can handle with God.  

I also should say that there have been many times over the last 3 weeks where I have started to drown in our circumstances; but praying, reading my bible and talking to Jeremy has made those moments short lived.  I think as long as I am on this side of heaven I will always be subject to doubt because I am human and God knows that but I am striving to be more like Jesus. 

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