Thursday, December 4, 2014


This has been an exhausting week.   About 10:30 on Sunday, right as I was getting ready to go to bed, Brighton woke up having a really hard time breathing.   We tried to get it under control but after about 30 minutes of being awake things weren't getting any better so we took a trip to the ER.   I was thinking croup, they were thinking bronchitis but it turned out to be RSV.   A steroid and breathing treatment later I headed back home around 2am.   During this time Bristol had woken up complaining that her ear hurt really bad, can anyone guess where the Tylenol and ibuprofen were?  In the diaper bag with mommy.   She had a really bad cough all week but nothing else seemed to be bothering her until Monday early morning.   And as I walked back in the door Eldon started barking.   We knew it was coming but I was hoping it would start after his sisters were better.  Not so much.   Monday Jeremy ended up calling in sick because we didn't get to bed until around 3 and then Brighton woke up somewhere around 4 and only wanted daddy.  I also knew that a trip to the quick care clinic was in our future that day.   A few hours later we had one kid with RSV, another with a nasty ear infection, and a third with croup.   Have I mentioned this is the first time all 3 kids have been sick at once.   Normally just as one is getting better another falls. 

Tuesday when Jeremy got back to work he found out he was going to be working overtime Friday and Saturday.  Which means with his drill schedule this month and finals this week, he only gets 1 day off work in the next 2 1/2 weeks.  

Its a lot.  I am already struggling with keeping up and we had both been counting down the days until this semester was over and I could have my better half back but right as school is over drill and work are taking up even more of his time and I know I should be really grateful for the extra money this month and the fact that Jeremy has a job, and I am but I am also just exhausted and ready for some time with my husband. The kiddos are ready for time with him as well.  I would gladly eat top roman and peanut butter and jelly if it meant a few days off. 

So right now, all I can do is pray.  Pray for strength to get me through another tough 3 weeks.  Pray for the ability to deal with the disappointment I am feeling right now. 

I don't even know when we are going to go Christmas shopping for these kiddos of ours. 

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