Monday, December 15, 2014

Coffee table/Storage ottoman

I am absolutely in love with my coffee table.  I tell Jeremy how much I love it at least once a day.  Throw in the fur place mat, pallet coasters, and copper bucket it makes me so happy.   A while back I pinned this coffee table because I loved the fact that it was functional but still had lots of storage use.  We can always use more storage in here.   Like a whole room would do us good.

The original plan was to do the whole thing out of pallets and put 5 inch casters on it.... then when there wasn't enough wood we were going to do just the top out of pallets but once again there wasn't enough wood so its all new wood.     I used apple cider vinegar and steel wool grade #000 to give it the distressed look.  You definitely need the super fine stuff the breaks apart really easy, the kitchen stuff doesn't work.   I found mine at O'Reilly Auto Parts but we have gotten it at Harbor Freight before.  I ditched the caster idea once I saw how big my coffee table ended up being but if we ever end up with a bigger couch down the road, I would put casters on this thing in a heartbeat.

Having the double side lid was really important to me.  I wanted to be able to get into the storage area without needing to take everything off the top. 

When Jeremy first suggested making the lid completely removable I didn't like the idea at all.   But it makes it really easy to move and if we ever decided to add some form of divider to the inside it will make it much easier.

With the new coffee tables came the need for a new color scheme in the form of throw pillows.   Which makes the curtains look completely out of place but it is what it is.

Total cost for this project was around $80. 


  1. I would love to know where your sofa came from and your thoughts on having a white sofa?

    1. It's the ikea ektorp sectional. I love it. I wash all the covers once a month and then if a cushion gets really bad I throw the cover in when I am doing my white laundry. It is super easy and even when it is getting dirty, you can't tell unless you are sitting on it. I personally think everyone needs a white, washable couch.


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