Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Baby #4// 27 Weeks

Top//H&M maternity
Jeans//J Jeans maternity via Thred UP
Boots// Jc Penny's

As I was editing these pictures, I realized I really should have put my makeup on today because my exhaustion is shinning through.  I haven't gotten a decent nights sleep in at least a week now.   I tried diffusing lavender essential oils for a few nights and it didn't seem to help.  If things keep up, I may have to try the sleep blend.  I am going to try a cup of chamomile tea tonight before bed to see if that does anything for me. 

Looking at these pictures bums me out, I can't believe how much of the pink and purple has washed out of my hair since last week.  I really liked it this time, I wish my hair would hold the color better.

This week I discovered that being in the car for 1 1/2 hours is no longer an option.  Tuesday we went and did all of our Christmas shopping so we didn't have to fight with the crowds on Saturday.  I could barely walk Wednesday.  Then Saturday we ended up running down to Jeremy's parents house and I thought Jeremy was going to have to carry me in the house.  Sunday morning was no better.  Thankfully yoga helped but I don't want to experience that pain again.  We are going to take a break for trips.  

Peanut is still a very active little thing.  Last night he/she was up most of the night kicking away.   

I am up 11 pounds. 

I am not feeling very chatty this week, so we will end my update here.   

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