Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Baby #4// 25 weeks

 Cardigan//Old Navy
Top//Target Maternity
Earrings// Nickle and Suede

I think it finally clicked this week that we are soon going to have another little one around here.  Brighton is still fighting off RSV and as she was snuggled up on my chest one day, something she hated to do as a baby, all I could think about is how I would have a new little one there soon.  Probably all the time.   And I am excited.  The anticipation has started to kick it.  And it's about time since I am entering my last trimester after Christmas.

Friday I had my 24 week midwife appointment.  I shared with a group of friends how thankful I am that we decided to go the midwife/home birth route this time.   My appointment was so peaceful and natural if that makes sense.   Peanut is currently transverse which explains why I am experiencing quite a bit of lower back, hip, and tail bone pain.  Otherwise, everything looks good.  I am gaining weight, slowly but surely.    The heart beat was 140.  I have one more monthly appointment and then we start the every 2 week schedule.  How did that get here so quickly?

Other than the back pain I am still feeling pretty good.  I am fighting this wonderful head cold still but seem to be on the tail end of it.  Peanut has decided he/she doesn't like coffee again but seems fine with tea.  He/She is also not so found of chocolate or really any sweets.  Except hot chocolate, I definitely need my daily cup of cocoa. 

I figured out the direction I want to go with the bedding.  Jeremy is ecstatic because it involves deer heads.   This is like his dream come true.  Up until this point I hadn't seen anything that was sparking my interest but when I saw this collection I knew it had to be Peanut's bedding.  It is completely different from the other 3's bedding which has all been colorful but this time I am going with a much more neutral palette-- light grey, tan, white, and black accents.   I am also thinking of adding feathers to the wall decorations if Peanut comes out a girl because I am in love with gold dipped feathers right now. 

And now onto bassinets.  We have always used the pack n play with the bassinet attachment but our pnp isn't easy to move.  Since we are planning on doing a home birth we will be home from the get go, I want something that will easily move from room to room.   I came up with the options... okay one complete dream and the other 2 really are options.

Stokke- This is the dream.  It starts out bassinet size and then converts into a crib.   But for $600 it will never happen but it is fun to dream about. Isn't it pretty?
Babyletto-  I really like this one. The contemporary feel to it but it doesn't have wheels and I would really like something we can push around the house.   The price tag is so much better than the Stokke at $129.
Badger Basket- This is the one I am actually going to go with.  Personally I think this is hideous.  But once we take off the canopy, bumpers, and skirt it will be awesome.  I think it will look very similar to the Stokke as soon I am finished with it. At $139 it is more than affordable.  I figure another $15 for fabric and we will be golden.   

And that folks is all I have for tonight.  The sad thing, it took me allllllllll day to right this post.  Brighton does not approve of anything other than being held which made taking pictures and writing impossible.   

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