Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Baby #4// 24 weeks

This is what I wear when my kiddos are sick or what you will frequently find me wearing on weekends when I know I have no where to go.  Yoga tights and a maternity shirt.  Absolutely no make up.  And way over due for a hair cut.   

Peanut is doing great, I assume.  We will find out at my monthly check up Friday.   He/She is kicking the day and night away.  The only thing I could complain about is tailbone soreness which I know would be cured by yoga if only I made time to do it. But otherwise, we are still just chugging along.   It is hard to believe that we are getting so much closer.   The other day Jeremy and I were talking about Eldon's birthday (mid January) and I realized at that point we will be very close to the baby being born.  Maybe then I will start getting things ready.   But for now I am just enjoying being in the middle of this.  On one hand, I can't wait to meet Peanut and find what it is but on the other hand, I am scared to move onto life with 4 kids especially when the 3 I have right now are all sick.   Preparations will make it real. 

So just leave me in my land of somewhat bliss right now. 

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