Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend recap

What a wonderful, productive weekend we had.  The coffee table is finished and the living room is rearranged, again.   It will probably stay like this until after Christmas.  Because moving my sewing desk is a pain. 
I will post more pictures of the completed project this week.  I want to give the apple cider vinegar a little more time to work its magic. 

I love Jeremy's flex Fridays, it is so nice to have a 3 day weekend every other week.   With his super busy schedule lately that is the only chance we have to get stuff done.   I am looking forward to his month break from school.  Only 2 more weeks!

This morning when Jeremy left for work, I was kind of sad because he had to work all week.  Last year he was at a different job and pretty much had thanksgiving week thru the new year off.   But then I was listing to the radio and they were suggesting we pray for all those working this holiday.  I realized I am lucky.  Yes it sucks he has to work all week but at least we get Thanksgiving day together.

I woke up this morning with a random red eye.  No puss, crust, or anything.  It is just super red and tender.  The only other time this has happened to me is after our house burnt down when I was 17.   And it was super red for about 2 weeks.  So I am sure something got in it yesterday when we were finishing up the lid to the coffee table.   The super smokey casino we stayed at last weekend didn't help either.   Until it is gone, I am rocking my glasses.  Which I hate.  With a passion.   They are always dirty no mater how many times a day I clean them and getting ready in the morning is very challenging when you can't see.

Poor Jeremy, Friday night he was all excited to introduce the kids to one of his favorite movies ever, A Muppet Christmas Carol.  As it started playing Eldon yelled "the muffins!" and Bristol was like "Oh, we watched this with Paga."   Jeremy was pretty broken up about it but they still sat there for the whole thing.  And have asked to watch it several times since then.

If we were doing mass gifts for Christmas this year, we would have to buy something for the sales associate at Home Depot.  He probably thinks we spend as much time there as he does.    It is possible since Eldon can give you driving directions.

 Last night during dinner Bristol was complaining about her foot hurting.  They way she described it, it sounded like a hang nail.  So I told her after bath time we would take a look at it.  For whatever reason we never got around to it, at breakfast she was complaining again.  So I finally looked at it and found this giant splinter in her foot.    She was such a champ when I pulled it out. 

I will leave you with a picture of the wonderful smoked salmon Jeremy made for us Saturday.  It was delicious.  I am so glad I was actually able to eat it. 

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