Monday, November 10, 2014

Unknowingly Nesting

I totally started working on this post last night with the intention of getting it published but then my eyes started to close and Jeremy got back from his run and needed my computer to finish his school work and well here we are it is Monday morning and I am trying again.   We are having horrible luck with our computers right now.  

We had such a good weekend.   Things finally got done on our checklist and as I was tearing apart my stroller to clean off the banana that Brighton mashed all over it back in March I realized I am probably nesting.  I have this uncontrollable need to purge... nothing is safe.  But I will take it because this is all stuff that is long over due.    

I am making another batch of chicken noodle soup today because I love it so much for lunch.  

This has been the layout of our living room since we moved in 3 years ago.  Furniture has been added or changed out but otherwise it has stuck like this and I am sick of it.  Mostly I am sick of the focus of the living room being around the tv.   

So Saturday we tried this layout.  My intention was to mount the tv on the wall and find a roll down map to cover it when we weren't using it but I don't like it.  There is now a huge glare on the tv from the windows so we have to close off all the light in our living room to see the tv.   I think next I am going to try the tv on the mantle behind the pallet sign.   

Ugly shoe basket

Beautiful shoe shelf.   Thank goodness for a handy husband, I tell him what I want, occasionally draw him a horrible picture and then he builds it.  

Hamburgers.  He loves me so much.

If you have been reading at all for the last 2 years, you know I have a love affair with my Baby Jogger City Select Stroller.   But after taking it apart to clean it Sunday, I love it even more.  The longest part of the process was taking the sunshade apart to clean it.  I am all for baby stuff that is super easy to clean.  If you plan on having more than one kid, I highly recommend you buy a stroller that can grow with your family.  Yes the price tag is more but think about the single and double stroller you will end up buying because you tried to save money.

Jeremy has been so busy between school, work, and drill that the kids are really missing him.  Sunday he went into Eldon's room to play cars and ended up with all 3 kiddos in there.

A little park time.   Eldon has been begging to ride his bike on the road for weeks now but we just haven't had anytime to make to the park.  Sunday we made it a priority.   We were thinking of getting the kids a trampoline for Christmas but I think we are going to get new bike stuff instead so we can take family rides.

We also had a huge break through, he finally is unbuckling his carseat!   This will be a huge help when he moves back to the 3rd row in March.

Honey crisp apples and dove chocolates.  2 of my favorite things.

I think this was our biggest project of all this weekend.  We took the toy box out of Bristol's room, purged some toys, threw away the broken ones and came up with a whole new storage system.  

I need to buy another blue tub for the doll stuff but for now the laundry basket is filling in.  We also need to make a trip to Ikea for dressers.  One for Bristol's room and one for Eldon and Brighton's current room.

Eventually we plan to move Brighton's crib to where the doll house and put the new baby in with Eldon.

So there was my weekend.   It was nice to stay home and get a few things crossed of the list especially with the holidays quickly approaching.

This week is going to be a good week as well.  Jeremy and I celebrate our 9 year anniversary on Wednesday and we have the Marine Corps Birthday Ball this weekend.  3 glorious days without children, well I guess its only like 1 1/2 because we are dropping them off late Friday and picking the up early afternoon Sunday.  But still, we might actually get to sleep in Sunday morning.  

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