Friday, November 14, 2014


I ended up ordering a new ball gown.  Mine still zips but if the belly or chest grows any before tomorrow evening, I am out of luck.  Amazon came through for me with a wonderful backup option that will be here as soon as Fedex delivers today.   I am a little bummed that I probably wont get to wear the original option but oh well that is what happens when you have to dress a bump.  Thankfully I have still spent under a $100 on dresses and both have free return shipping so which ever I don't wear will be going back on Monday.  Along with the shoes I ordered.  Because what was I thinking trying to wear heels at 21 weeks pregnant when I don't even own a pair of heels to begin with.

I really want a pair of faux leather leggings but I am having absolutely no luck finding a pair that is comfortable and looks decent.  I am pretty bummed about it.

My debit card was compromised in that last wave of stolen numbers and can I say what a pain in the butt it is to change over to the new card on everyone of our bills.  It took forever to pay our bills this am.

Ever since we rearranged the kids toys last weekend they have been keeping them super clean and they are playing with their toys way more these days.  I was able to vacuum their rooms while they were at school yesterday without waiting for them to get home and clean.

Now onto a little bit of phone picture updates...
 Bristol is super proud of her belated Halloween ink.  The church we went to for the fall festival this year gave out more little toys than they did candy.  Between 2 class party's and the fall festival we only ended up with about 20 pieces of candy.

 Jeremy worked really hard on the sign for Peanut's 21 week update picture.  I am sure if I had taken the picture on the Marine Corps birthday instead of Veterans day the sign would have had a slightly different look but just as patriotic.  It looks so good we may have to use it for week 22 as well.

 I think it would have been much easier to spend $20 and buy a blanket scarf instead of make my own.  But I am really happy with how both of them turned out. Although now I have fabric leftover to make another of each print.  It probably would have gone much faster if my serger wasn't on the fritz.  On that note... dearest appliances, electronics, and sewing machines, I do not want to spend money on you right now.  Get your act together.  Sincerely one very overwhelmed owner.

I am done dressing for summer.  I know I said that a few weeks ago but then it got back up into the 90's so I had to give in but I am so ready for boots and scarves.   I usually end up only wear the scarf for school drop offs but still and least I am wearing them.  I can't believe I am about to type this and it will probably result in me coming home one day and all the contents of our house packed in a moving van but I am jealous of all the snow pictures I am seeing.  I miss the beauty of a fresh snow.  But I know the minute I had to deal with the first truly cold day I would be wishing for our warm California weather.  

My girls love their daddy.   As soon as he comes home this one follows him around until he picks her up and snuggles.  Most days that means patiently waiting outside our bedroom door while he showers.   She gets super offended if someone else gets attention before her.  

I got my first manicure in years.  I used to keep up with acrylics quite regularly but at some point I just phased them out.   My nails are very brittle this pregnancy and since I wanted them to look nice for the ball tomorrow I decided to treat myself to a gel manicure.   The light peachy color will work with either of my dress colors.

That's it.  Now I need to go get the kiddos packed up to spend the weekend at the grandparents and I need to pack Jeremy and I for our weekend away.  I also need to figure out if I own jewelry that can work with both dresses that way I can pack light.

Can we pretend this weekend away is to celebrate our 9th anniversary instead of the Marine Corps birthday?

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