Friday, November 21, 2014

Instafriday--A weekend away

Last weekend was wonderful.  Jeremy and I attended the Marine Corps birthday ball.  Which lets just say, my definition of ball gown and others definitions of ball gown are 2 very different things.  And it seemed that the heavier the person was the tighter and shorter their dresses got.   How do you even dance in something when it barely covers your girl parts?

 Yes, I packed all of that for 2 days.   I am at that point in my pregnancy where it changes day to day what is comfortable to wear, so I went prepared.   I am still absolutely loving my Jessica Simpson ballet flats.  I am so happy I spent the money on the real deal and didn't end up buying one of the cheaper options.  I also debating if I want to get them in nude as well.  If I hadn't already asked for a nice watch for Christmas, I would probably be asking for the shoes.

 On our way to drop the kiddos of at the Grandparents house they all passed out.  This is really rare.  Normally it is impossible to get them to fall asleep in the car these days but I guess a long day at school wore Bristol out and it was Brighton and Eldon's usual nap time.

 Bristol loves her American flag.  She brought it home from school a few weeks ago and taught us all about respecting it.  Jeremy really wanted to add a Marine Corps flag to her collection.   The doll house seemed like the perfect place for both of them.

This was my backup gown.  Jeremy got my original gown all zipped up and then the zipper split.  I was so bummed but it ended working out.  My only complaint is the description said it was lace up so I bought it a size bigger to accomidate the bump and it wasn't so I had to keep pulling my dress up all night.  
Jeremy and I used to love eating breakfast at the Black Bear Diner in Colorado Springs, so when he mentioned that there was one near where we were staying I was all over it.  My biscuits and gravy did not disappoint.

I love my kids.  But I love my husband more.  Maybe that offends some but it is the truth.  We aren't married for the kids, we don't pretend to enjoy each other for them, it is for us.  I have never once thought "well I stay because of the kiddos".  When days are rough, I can't wait till he gets home because on the hard days when raising our family is overwhelming me, he is what gets me through.  Also lots and lots of prayer.  I loved spending the whole weekend with just this man.  I love his company.   I love knowing that when all of our kids leave the house, I will still be complete because this man will be by my side.  9 years of marriage and my love and respect for him is so much more than I ever thought possible.  

Clean eater 90% of the time, pop tart eater whenever hunger strikes and I don't have a healthy option readily available.  Or I am in the gas station and they are calling my name.

 He was being so quiet in his room, I went to check on him.  I am guessing all the fun at Grandma's caught up with him.

 I definitely overdid it on our weekend away.  I think the only time I sat down on Saturday was when we were in the car driving from the hotel to the base and back.    By Tuesday I was hurting.  I was feeling everyone of those 22 weeks of this pregnancy and I was have serious braxton hicks every time I stood up.   Even though it killed me, I sat on the couch or in my chair as much as possible and by Wednesday I was feeling 100% better.  Thankfully Jeremy had the night off from school and tackled some of my chores so I wasn't completely overwhelmed by my to do list Wednesday.

 I try to keep my diaper bag very organized, she loves to pull it all out.  Her favorite thing to play with is the medicines.

 She also thinks the coffee table is a Brighton sized bench.  

 My computer is still having major issues so as a last resort I did a complete restore, it worked for all of a day.  Jeremy is going to take it apart this weekend to make sure nothing is loose but I think I need a new hard drive.  I am not happy at all.

When I was making this cauliflower chowder last night I was having serious doubts but this is my new favorite soup recipe.  It tasted so good.  You couldn't even tell that it lacked cream.  Because I am not a fan of celery at all, I used sweet corn instead.  I predict there will be a battle at lunch time for who gets these leftovers.  

That is it for pictures.  Jeremy has a nice 3 day weekend so hopefully we will get progress made on my coffee table and maybe get the living room rearranged again.  I am determined to find a good layout.

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