Thursday, November 6, 2014


Our house is insanely cluttered these days.   With the holidays coming up meaning more crap toys, Eldon's birthday, and then adding yet another person... I am feeling a little claustrophobic.   If you ask me we have a pretty decent size house and I have no desire for more space because more space means more opportunity for junk and more house for me to clean.  Nope what I want is to simplify.  I want to get rid of everything we aren't using and find a permanent home for everything we do use.  I no longer want a pile of stuff on the counter or a junk basket or drawer.  If there are empty drawers somewhere they need to be put to use.   I also do not want anymore toys.   That is probably blasphemy to my children's ears but I said it and I will say it again, no more toys.   We have talked about what to do about Christmas as we have already decided to keep it small and try to only buy things for the backyard if we buy toys at all more than likely they will get clothes and some kind of special trip.

I am also craving a new design in the living room.  I want to switch out the curtains for plain white ones.  Then I want to add in fun accents like geometric print pillows, fur throws, and maybe even something with a cowhide.  Jeremy and I both want a huge world map for the wall behind the couch. I want more colors other than teal, navy, and yellow although teal will always be a huge factor.  I want to add more functional storage pieces and help everything find its home.   And honestly, I would be happy to not have to look at the kids toys but right now that isn't an option.

So for now I am slowly working on eliminating this
 Our shoe basket drives me bonkers.  This weekend one of my main goals is to build some kind of shoe storage so the kids have a better way to organize their shoes.  

My other huge goal for the weekend is to tackle Bristol's room, mainly the toy box. It is going into storage. I love it so much but we have run out of room.   This currently sits in the only spot in Bristol's room where we can put Brighton's crib in a few months.  But it also is a huge collect all for everything.  Clothes, socks, trash, I am sure there is even food in this thing.

 See why I want to get rid of toys.  These are 2 baskets I took out of our living room to have more room for guests at the baby shower last weekend and they haven't even been missed.  

And then there is the newborn to 1 year essentials.  In all reality, this wont be cleaned up until peanut is born.  Because it is girl and boy stuff.  Since we are not finding out the gender we can't get rid of anything for awhile.  My plan is to have it all separated so that once peanut is born half of it can go to goodwill and the other half can go in the washer.   

So that is what is on my brain right now, the need to declutter and simplify.  

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