Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Baby #4-- Week 21...Luke Danes

Top and Vest// Old Navy (non maternity)
Jeans//J Jeans Maternity
Boots// JC Penny's

How cool is the sign Jeremy did for week 21?

I call this my Luke Danes outfit.  I asked Jeremy if I should wear a blue bow with it since I can't pull of a ball cap with my short hair.  

I have never felt one of the kiddos kick this soon but peanut is an active little one.  Jeremy even got to feel the kicks Saturday night.  It is so cool.

We had a great appointment with the midwife Friday.  Baby growing right on schedule, which our ultrasound confirmed.   Everything looks great.   Now we need to start thinking about birth classes.  Is it weird that this is our 4th kiddo and we are just now taking classes? With Bristol, Jeremy worked a rotating schedule of days and nights so it just wasn't possible.  Plus we were in the go with the flow mode.  I wasn't set one way or another on how I wanted things to go, so we just took it one step at a time.   This time I really want all the tools I can get to make it through this whole home birth thing.  If you did a natural labor, what method did you use?

I have broken even on the weight gain now, I know it needed to happen but it still is hard to accept.  I am not working out this pregnancy.   I ran 4 miles ever few days with Brighton but I had taken the whole month of June off from running and then we found out I was pregnant again so I didn't want to start up again.  I guess I could be doing a Barre workout but honestly I just don't have energy right now. 

Not a baby update...I am really enjoying the teal and coral in my hair and I am totally thinking about adding more next time.  I never thought I would be one who went with the platinum hair look but it is growing on me.  I love the platinum look with pastel highlights.   

Tonight I need to try on my gown for the Ball on Saturday to make sure it still fits, if it doesn't I don't have a clue what I am going to do.  Anyone have a stock pile of empire waist formal gowns laying around that they want to lend me if I need another one?

I am also thinking about getting my nails done for the ball. I can easily do them but I really feel like spoiling my hands.   I need to call and see if they have an opening.   

Well I think that is is, not much this week.  Next week I want to try and put together a list of my maternity wardrobe staples.   


  1. This is such a great fall outfit! Especially love the vest - I've been eying it for awhile now!

  2. Love this outfit! You look great!


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