Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Baby #4// 23 weeks

Vest//Old Navy

It  took me no less than 10 tries to draw this turkey and I still wasn't 100% satisfied.  Jeremy was at school and he has a ton of homework since there is only 2 weeks left of classes so I couldn't ask him to do it.  This is why I stick to boring signs. 

Not much to update on.  I am feeling better than I was last week but I do have a cold this week that is preventing me from eating very much.  Hopefully by turkey day I will have an appetite.

And a few things I am thankful for:
-An easy pregnancy.  Brighton's was so stressful and uncomfortable that I didn't get to enjoy it.   This pregnancy has been the complete opposite.  Other than when I over due it, I have felt pretty good.  I have a little tiredness but that is common.

-My not so little family.  I love them.  Even on rough days like today.   

-Jeremy.  That man does so much for us. 

-A loving God who forgives me for my short comings. 

oh and a little compassion of all 4 pregnancies.  


  1. Great look, love the stripes :) whoo I so want a nice tartan scarf like yours ...

    1. Thank you. I got the fabric and JoAnn's.

  2. You look fabulous!! I'm pretty sure your outfit was my momiform the ENTIRE time I was preggo. So comfy and LOVE the vest!

    Kristen - www.upnorthmama.com

    1. Thank you. It is most definitely a comfortable outfit and I wear it more times a week than I should.

  3. You look beautiful! We are a week apart in our pregnancies :-) I love seeing your comparison pictures with your other pregnancies too!


  4. AH! You are so adorable! LOVE this outfit! All of it! Stripes, plaid, cargo vest, distressed denim, ankle boots! Love, love, love!
    Just looking at these pictures was making me want to be pregnant again! And then I read that you've had an easy pregnancy (YAY!!!) and that made me want to even more! My last pregnancy was so hard on me physically, that we said never again... If I knew that my body would handle another time better, I would totally go for it!


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