Wednesday, November 12, 2014

9 Years









9 years of marriage.   Craziness.  It feel like it has only been 2 or 3 but I love that next year we celebrate 10 years together.   

This man, he is my everything.   He is my support, my shoulder to cry on, my biggest champion, my defender, my confidant, my best friend, the leader of our family.   He guides me and goes along with all my crazy ideas and plans.    He tells me the truth, he is always honest about me.   He knocks me off my pedestal if I need it, he gives me courage.   Most of all he reminds me daily of how much I need Jesus.   

Most people thought we were completely crazy to get married after dating for only 8 months but I knew and he knew that it was right.  With God at the center we have not only stayed in love but our love has grown.   More than that my respect for this man has grown.   Marriage isn't the most natural thing in the world because it requires you to think of the other persons feelings, wants, and needs above your own but when you do, it is amazing.  I never worry about putting Jeremy's feelings, needs, and wants first because I know he does the same for me.  There is so much freedom in a marriage that is full of God, love, communication, and respect.  

Over these last years we have both grown and changed so much and while society would tell you that is a recipe for divorce it has only brought us closer.   I know, through it all this man is going to love and support me.  In the hard times, he will seek God's guidance, pray for me, and support me the same way I do for him.  

Marriage to him is so worth it.   I am glad neither of us let anyone talk us out of it because I was too young, or because every "marriage expert" says our personalities just wouldn't work together because God knew exactly what he was doing that night He put Jeremy on my path.

Happy Anniversary Sexy Man.  Thank you for all you do for me.   This is only what I can express in words but there is so much more.  I cannot wait to spend the next 50, 60, 70 years together.   

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  1. Wow, 9 years!! That is amazing. Congratulations!


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